Possible solutions to the ugly sleeve problem?

Hi all

I wondered whether to post this on an existing thread, but thought it was interesting enough to post on its own.

On the american site (breastcancer.org), there is a lymphoedema forum with a thread about sleeves. A lady, with a remarkable talent for lateral thinking, has posted there with these suggestions for covering up sleeves.

I have no idea whether they work or are even suitable, but they could be worth a try as they are not expensive and seem to come in lots of colours. I know I can’t post the full links, so here goes with the cryptic versions…

http://w3 dot sliceoffashion dot com/index dot html

http://w3 dot hijabstoreonline dot com/index dot php?main_page=index&cPath=28

http://w3 dot al-muminat dot com/long-nylonlycra-sleeves-p-284 dot html

If anyone is interested in reading the whole thread, it is:


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