Post biopsy pain

Hi I had cone biopsies and fna on 5th oct, diagnosed with triple neg bc grade 2 on 12th and am booked in for wle and anc on 22nd. I had severe bruising after biopsies which is fading now but for the last week I’ve had sharp stabbing pains in my breast. Is this normal? My rational brain is telling me it’s just everything settling down but the lurking dread that the biopsy has pushed my “hitchhiker” into overdrive won’t go away! Would be grateful for any thoughts x

Hiya I had my biopsies on 12th Sept and I’m still l getting the odd twinge from it now.  Booked  in for WLE on 23rd.  If you’ve had bad bruising from it then it is most likely just your body settling down after, although the bruising has gone/going from the surface it’s probably still authenticated on the inside.  We are destined to worry about every little niggle I think, I know I do! And if the little blighter is going into overdrive then he’ll for a big shock on 22nd when he gets the ejector button pressed!

Good luck,hope all goes well xx

I had biopsies 2 weeks ago and still getting twinges and feel tender, bruising has almost gone so im presuming its just with everything being poked about and it is feeling better than it was. I think were bound to be worrying about everything at the minute so are more aware of every little pain or twinge that we get and panic. Im terrible…everything I get, even a pain in my toe and I convince myself its something to do with cancer its got to the point now that I have to reassure myself straight away or ill end up running to my consultant telling him its everywhere! :-/ 


i know how you feel cos i found my first biopsy very painful and i have to do another one on my neck on tuesday!my personal theory is that the cancer gets angry when they touch it!x