Post chemo GI tract issues - how long to recover?

Hope you are all doing well. This question is for anyone who has finished chemo a while ago and had GI issues. (Sorry for the long post- in summary, my question is, does this get better by itself? And did you go to GP or oncologist/breast nurses for help? I feel a bit cut loose now that main treatment is done.)

I had my last chemo session (Abraxane) about two months ago, and finished 5 days of radio about a week ago. Very happy about taste returning, and appetite slowly.  Especially enjoying coffee again.

Chemo really messed up my GI tract,  talking with a friend also going treatment, we agreed it was like having molten lava go through your system! During chemo I didn’t want to eat & was limited to cucumber, cottage cheese & melon. Took lots of anti sickness meds which stopped me going. I was pretty healthy before, being a vegetarian with lots of fruit & veg and fibre in my diet,  had never had issues with digestion. Though I can go to the loo now, it now feels like I have a tight band around my upper stomach, and pressure is worse after eating.   I was given Omeprazole by the oncologist, which helps a bit, but I don’t want to be on this long term as I understand long term use of proton pump inhibitors can lead to fractures and am about to start Letrozole with increased risk of osteoporosis.

I want to understand this, and prevent it, rather than just start taking another drug with side effects. I’m not sure who to approach about this - the GP has said ’contact your hospital team’ and the breast nurses say ’contact your GP first’!

Well you have contacted your GP and have been given no help so I would go back to the hospital doctors not the nurses and ask for some assistance.


Thank you Seagulls, only just saw your reply. Eventually I saw a nice locum GP who was sympathetic (she had breast cancer 5 years ago.) Has given me a gastroenterology referral on request. She said I could wait until stopping Phesgo to see if that was causing it but that’s 12 months to wait. Will contact the hospital doctors next.  

Sounds as if a GP with personal experience of breast cancer was ideal. Shame she’s a locum but any port in a storm.