post chemo positive lymph nodes,



‎17-01-2015 09:00 PM

Hi all, Im new to this forum so pleased to meet you all, I have completed all my treatment surgery, 6 chemo, then axillary clearance, 15 radiotherapy.

Now on Letrozole, have been told that post chemo I had 13 positive lymph nodes, I had a Ki of 60%. HER2 pos.

Im 53 going through lots of anguish  I’m swinging between get on with it and wait and see and then choosing songs for my own funeral.

Im not depressed i just tend to work my way through it but i dont really have anyone to talk through these worries as I know my oncologist cannot be any more definite than ‘‘high risk’’,

Is there anyone else out there with a similair medical scenario who can offer some info.


Total crap, but the great news is, this time in 6 months it will all be ok.
I know absolutely how you feel: 10 years ago I was planning my funeral, writing and re-writing my will, waking with tears on my pillow etc. Thinking every time you cough it’s cancer, every spot cancer, every ache cancer…
But you battle through. I was battling a v aggressive cancer, it had spread into my nodes but as I say…that was 10 years ago. I’m 50 now and still going strong.
Good good luck and focus on your future because. - honey - you will have one.

Lulu you are an inspiration to others x