post-DIEP scar pain

I am 8 weeks post mastectomy and DIEP recon. I am still having to take paracetomols regularly throughout the day. I just want to compare notes on what is normal. Is it normal to still have scar pain? Is it normal to still have to pace yourself? Is it OK to start lifting heavy things and being more strenuous - even if it hurts? Why does it hurt more some days and less others? Answers/ experiences/ opinions anyone?

Hi, like you I was still taking parecetomal about 8 weeks after but I think I was trying to push myself too much and I was worn out. I went on holiday after 9 weeks and was really worried about it, but once there I felt more normal as no-one knew what I had had done and I relaxed and things felt much easiter, I still got so tired walking about and being worn out and although my scar wasnt huring as I had diep and tram I could feel a bit tug behind belly button when I moved about and it ached a lot. Have you tried swimming, I was so surpised at the pain and tightness when I first tried it but since then I done a little on holiday and found that the days I didnt do it I felt much tighter and uncomfie.

I still havent lifted anything really heavy but did do more on hokliday than what I would do here - i even pulled my suitcase but sort of supported my tummy, I never lifted it though as I am really nervous about hernias as I had a mesh cage put it. I have a definate bulge from under chest to under belly button and this is where I ache and feel uncomife but had a little weight gain too.

Sorry if I have waffled. Also are you still wearing a bra and knickers 24/7 I am. My bra I add an extender but still sleep in it and wear really baggy full knickers and when I dont I feel a bit unsupported. I even slept on my side once on hols and I had double diep/tram.

Hope you pick up soon, Im now almost 12 weeks post and feel so much better than I did at 8 week xxx

| had my diep in November. I found that I didn’t feel normal ie my tummy felt very tight and whilst I had no pain in my breast I couldn’t lie on my side or wear tight bras for a few months. I am now at the stage where I can wear nice normal bra’s but I do sometimes get pain in my new boob, not along the scar line but deep inside the flesh. Its not anything dreadful that I can’t sort out myself with a couple of paracetomol and I assume its part of normal healing. I do have an appt next month and will mention it. It is a big op so its no surprise that your body takes time adjusting to the new ‘formation’ but if you have on going pain then I do think its best to get it checked out - its probably normal but best to err on the side of caution I think.

I had my op in September , a year after my mastectomy, my new breeats is fantastic,just waiting for a nipple tattoo.I do sometimes get a ‘tickling’ sensation inside which I can’t sctartch as the breast is completely numb do any of you get this?The story with my abdominal scar is not so good I sneezed not long after my op and have developed a hernia which is going to have to be sortef out via surgery ,sooner rather than later I hope.