Post Fibroadenoma Surgery Pain

Post Fibroadenoma Surgery Pain

Post Fibroadenoma Surgery Pain I had a firboadenoma removed in October 06 and for the last 3-4 months I’ve been getting occassional pain in the area around my scar.

Sometimes it’s a dull stabbing pain other times more like an ache, but it does not last long. Sometimes I get it more than once a day, sometimes nothing for a few days.

I do regular breast examines, but there are no new lumps etc.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this just the final part of the healing process?


me too I had mine removed in February and every now and again get sharp pains which seem to be behind the nipple. Sometimes they are quite bad and make me jump. I thought it might be nerves coming back to life. Im trying to associate it with which bra I am wearing at the time, I dont know if that makes a difference but I will let you know.

Nice to meet you by the way
My name is Yvonne x

Hi Yvonne

Nice to meet you too! Sorry, I’ve been off line for a while. I’m glad that I’m not the only one with twinges! I’m still getting them every now and again, and I’ve noticed that sometimes when I am feeling a little…agitated shall we say, they appear. So trying to relax and be calm whenever possible!

I have a yearly scan booked for Oct 18th, to check out the other fibroadenoma, so a little apprehensive about whether this one has grown too. But it could be so much worse, so I am focusing on that.

Caroline x


I had several areas around my breast surgeries, that were sharp shooting aching pain, sometimes I would look down on my breast area and see the skin jumping a bit , I was advised by the consultant that it is nerve damage that will repair itself within time.

My past and recent surgeries have caused more nerve damage and now have permanent damage, so the dull aches and sharp shooting ones are still there, but now the numbness in my arms are now there. I am on a painkiller that is for Nerve damage and it seems to be helpful.

Speak to your doctor or consultant next time to see if this is possibly why your experiencing this symptom. It can take up to 12 -24 months to heal I was advised, but your doctor would advise you if this is the case too.

It can only getting better…
carol xx

hi everyone

I had the same thing a few years ago now and was told the same thing, that it was the nerves coming back and that they would either die off or come back and knitt them selfes together, i have had two operations now and the same thing has happened every time. its about 4 years on now and i still get pain only occassionaly usualy when its the time of month it does not help.

They offered me a pain pen you used it on the area and it gives you a shock apparebtly this is ment to calm the pain down with out been on medication all the time, how ever i did not like it as it felt unpleasent esp on the breat area. The other thing that was offered to me was epelepsy drugs they were supposed to numb the pain. but as you described it was not all the time and did not really last that long so just took parecetamol and that seem to work.

Now though my scars are very sensetive and when examining ( which i dread with a passion and im trying to make my self do it at the moment which is very hard) the area does hurt and feel unconfatable but i would say this is prob normal and when it has fully healed it will prob stop hurting.

hope that helps at all
gem x x

I have removed my fibroadenomas about 8 months ago and i feel pain during my ovulation period.but for 2 days now i am feeling more pain and i just finished my periods 1 week from now.i think i must do an examination just to make sure everythings ok.

Hi I had surgery end of march iv been ok until now keep getting pain when I stretch just wear the scar is has any one else had this thanks ta

I had severe pain in my breast,i undergone surgery that is excision of fibroadenoma breast at the age of forty now I’m 55years,give your valuable opinion

I came here hoping someone was having he same experience. I had fibroadenoma surgery may 16th and still have occasional pain. Sometimes stabbing like you said, but usually just an ache. I also have a kind of hard bump (on the inside) by the scar. Almost feels like another syst. But I’m not sure if I should go back to the Dr or not. Opinions?

Hi Candy you can get all sorts of lumps and bumps after surgery and particularly along your scar but best to get it checked out for peace of mind .

Ok I had a one Fibroadenoma removed two weeks ago. I am getting those stabbing pains from the nerves trying to grow back. But wasn’t sure if my nipple is supposed to be this painful. I can barely touch it and it hurts a lot. My scar around the nipple doesn’t hurt just the nipple itself. If this is normal how long til this subsides?

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