Post lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy



I am 11 days out of surgery.


My follow up appt is not til 11.2.20.


I completely under estimated the post surgery symptoms and my Macmillan Nurse has been pretty much absent or dismissive of me throughout diagnosis to where I am now.


I am a competitive swimmer and runner. Sometimes I combine the two sports in an event called swim/run which needs a lot of arm mobility and flexibility.


It is my life. I train 10-15 hours a week, it takes up most of my weekend and it is also my social life.


The surgeon used the same incision to take the lump and the nodes.  At the moment, my left boob is swollen but I expected that.


What i didnt expect is the pain that radiates just up from my elbow through my tricep, round to behind my shoulder blade. The skin is sore to the touch and it hurts to extend my arm. So I have little arm mobility.


I know it is early days but I am terrified my swim and run career is over.  


I just need to hear that this is normal and it will pass and I will be back to doing what i love because I cant imagine a life without it.


I am doing my exercises. 


Thanks xx

Hi Stringybean,  

All respect to you being so athletic. Early days for you, from surgery, so maybe try to give yourself a bit of ‘slack’. It’s pretty drastic surgery you have had, after all! No doubt your team has coached you on being cautious of developing lymphodema, nothing too strenuous on the side the op was on. 


Hi Stringybean

What you’re describing sounds as though you may have “Cording”, though it tends to happen more with mastectomy, and underarm node removal, where nerves and lymph vessels are affected by the surgery. Are you having Physio? If so, ask/tell them about it. If not, please ask for it and tell them your symptoms. If it is, they’ll be able to help sort it quickly.

Hope for your physicalness sake, it’s sorted soon.

Lots of love, Delly xxxx