Post mastectomy appointment delay

I thought I was taking it all in my stride reasonably well.
I was diagnosed grade 3 multicentric idc breast cancer, the largest tumour 37mm, another 15mm with other suspicious areas 18th Aug at first hospital appointment following gp referral.
Left side mastectomy 25th Sept and follow up call 12th Oct with the good news 0/4 lymph node affected. There were also areas of dcis, which I guess were the other suspicious areas. I will be on Letrozole for 5 years and appointment with oncologist within 2 weeks.
As I didn’t get anything in the post this morning I called bcn. Still a little soon for prescription I can accept, but the wait for oncology is 6 to 8 weeks.
I am sure they do have many other patients who are equally as anxious as me to get on with whatever needs doing. As I’ve seen others ask, how long before delays can affect outcome?
How long have others here waited after surgery. I think I’m more disappointed after being told 2 weeks then being told 6 to 8 weeks.

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I had a similar journey to you. Mastectomy on 17th April and didn’t get an oncology appointment until 3rd August. I started Letrozole the same day. I’m not sure what the usual timeframe is elsewhere in the country. Try not to worry and maybe put yourself down for a cancellation if you can be flexible.
I wish you all the best.


As far as I know your surgical team prescribe the hormone therapy so there shouldn’t be much of a delay for that though they may want to wait 4 weeks after surgery .
I had my Oncology appointment and radiotherapy planning appointment on the same day 5 weeks after surgery and started radiotherapy 7 weeks after surgery but my friend who was being treated at another centre waited quite a bit longer - not sure if there’s a target criteria but you could ask .

I’m quite surprised that they promised you a 2 week appointment with Oncology as I’ve not come across anyone who has been seen that quickly . Being back to the waiting game is no fun at all - hope it’s not too long .

Take care
Joanne. X


Do you know your oncotype score or do you have to wait to get that from your oncologist?

I asked about oncotype score. That is one of the things we will be discussing.
I received my prescription this morning in the post

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You’re going in two weeks, right? If so, that’s not too much longer. The oncotype score will tell you if you need to follow up with chemo.

No, not in 2 weeks as I was originally told, but 6 to 8 weeks. Oncotype will be discussed at that time.

Oooh, I see the stress now. I’m so sorry for the wait. I don’t know if anything can be done but maybe reminding them that you had a grade 3 lump might help?


Hospital phoned me this afternoon.
Appointment is this Friday.
I’m taking my first letrozole this evening too.
Onwards …