Post mastectomy bras in larger sizes

Hi - due to have mastectomy on Friday and it seems impossible to find bras in my size to wear post-surgery.  I’m having a diep flap reconstruction at the same time as surgery, but my current bra size is 34J.  Can anyone help? Most places I’ve looked seem to stop at around an E cup.  Had  the same trouble when trying to find nursing bras when I had my children and never found a really good solution then.  Most of the large sizes seem to be underwired, or way too seamed / stiff looking to imagine they’ll be comfortable post-surgery.



Can anyone make any suggestions?


Hi  I had a mastectomy 2 weeks ago and they ve got some lovely bras on Nicola Jane website xxx

Hi Millycat, just a quick post Im having double mastecomy and immediate DIEP reconstruction on sat 27th, have you had your pre op assessment as I had mine last thursday, the hospital are prividing the bra, as when you have DIEP flap reconstruction you cant have anything with any pressure as it could interfere with the blood flow to the DIEP reconstructed breast, have you got a BC nurse you could ask? Nicola Jane do a good range, but usually they need you to wear a sports bra, but they told me I wouldn’t have a bra on for 3 days to make sure no blood flow problems due to pressure from bra, everyone is different tho, so check.

Good luck Im a day behind you

Love Bloss XXX

Hi Millycat me again, try BRAVISSIMO Im a HH cup and always buy my bras from them, u can buy online but they have brances, they are very good and have a large range I think they go up to K cup, ha I wont need em after saturday think Im gonna be a C cup, be able to see my feet.

Good luck

Bloss XXX

Hi Millie

Womanzone (and im sure others) will pocket any full cup bra for a few pounds you post off and they sew the pockets in and post back , you can also if your handy buy the pockets to do yourself. So if say can find a full cup bra you could get pocketed have a google for bra pocketing then you can call companies and chat to them and ask if they pocket your usual bra
Style I had some Triumph Doreens done as they were new and I didnt want to throw/give them away

i did look online for you on the usuals amonea/nicola jane but they all seem to stop at G or H cups

Big Hugs

Jen xx

Oh and I got some stretchy ones from ebay kind of like genie bras but they were front fastening and had pockets for padding so softie will fit in them, I havent had my surgery yet but sent my BCN a link and she said they would be perfect

I’m so glad I found this thread as I’m a HH and struggle finding bras so off to look. Thanks ladies xx

Im actually off to Betty & Belle in a couple of weeks forgot about them!