Post mastectomy clothing help!

Hi all,


I am due to have single MX with tissue expander recon on 3rd June due to extensive DCIS (have already had 2 excisions). I have just ordered some front fastening pjs with drain pockets from Asda, but not sure what I need to do about bras or other clothing for immediately afterwards? I have stretchy pull on bras but will I be able to get these on ok? Can you get clothes over your head or do I need to get some button up items? (Having sentinel node biopsy too).  I’ll ask my surgeon but not seeing her to sign forms etc until 23 May which only gives me a week or so before the op to get anything I might need. 


I’m very stressed about the op and just want to try and make sure I’m not having to worry and rush about at the last minute, so any help/experiences gratefully received!


Thanks Kate x




Hi Kate, isn’t it madness that with everything else we have to worry about we have wardrobe concerns too. I drove myself mad before my mastectomy and reconstruction and purchased far too much stuff.

Good bras are vital. Your breast care nurse will be able to recommend what type and size you need and where to get them local to you. I was unable to raise my arm for a long time after surgery while my implant settled so had to use front fastening bras with hooks and eyes and a zip ( I think you can use a good sports bra ). It needs wide straps and a wide band under the bust. I was a 40E but, I’m so lucky my hospital supply the bras, I had to have 42E after surgery due to swelling and eventually 44E as the swelling increased. I’m 6 months on now but still wear a hefty bra unless I’m in the shower.

front fastening pj’s are a god send when the hospital are checking your wound. I lived in leggings as my belly was swollen due to the drains. I had two front fastening oversize shirts and lived in those. Couldn’t stand seams near my armpit and was able to button up higher than I normally would to hide my strapping and undo buttons for the drains to go into my dolly bag . 

Many questions let me know, take care, stay strong and I’ll be thinking of you xx Melanie