Post Mastectomy Pain Support Group

Hello fellow survivors. I would like to invite women with Post Breast Therapy Pain Syndrome (including: chronic chest wall pain, scar pain, arm pain, and/or neuropathy following breast surgery and/or radiation) to join the Facebook Post Breast Therapy Pain Syndrome support group:

You are not alone. We have over 300 women in our group. All are welcome.

Here are some informational links regarding PMP

Thank you : )

Hi there - could you re-post link to the Facebook group?  I’ve had hypersensivity across my chest since about 2 weeks after mx and ADL (no reconstruction).  I’m now about 8 weeks since operation and have not noticed any improvement - currently coping with it using lidocaine patches.  Would be good to share experiences with other women, though not sure I “have” PMPS as such…


The link to the Facebook group was removed as we do not allow links to external sites.  This information can be shared through the private messaging service however.

Best wishes


BCC Moderator

If it’s the American one I joined it and then unjoined it as systems are different there and it began to take over my facebook!