Post menopausal or not!!!




When I had my two check up in January my consultant suggested that as I had turned 50 it could be that I am post menopausal and could change my medication from Tamoxifen to Anastrozole which would work better and arranged a blood test and the results were post menopausal.


I discussed with GP, breast care nurse about the change in medication and the side effects that may occur, as on Tamoxifen I was having severe hot flushes and a few other minor ones, which I had learnt to live with and didn’t want to get any other severe ones.


I started taking Anastrozole in March and everything was great, no hot flushes and no other real side effects and I felt more like my old self.  Then in May I had a severe bleed and was sent to see a gynaecologist to see why this was as I was post menopausal, I had scans and a hysteroscopy that showed there wasn’t any problems only the thickening of my womb because of the tamoxifen and that is was just a one off, but a month later I had another heavy bleed which was even worse than the first so went back to see the gynae.  I had another blood test that showed I was nowhere near post menopausal and that these were my periods returning.


My concern is that I don’t want to go back on tamoxifen as I realise how bad I was on them, and she has suggested a hysterectomy if I don’t want to live with the periods, so I am in a quandery for two reasons.

  1. I have not had any breast cancer protection since March

  2. Shoud I have the hysterctomy so that I can then stay on the Anastrozole.


I was wondering if this is a common occurence with any of you ladies, and what advice you would give.  


Feeling upset and frustrated!!!

Hi debiday

It’s a difficult one isn’t it? I finished treatment apart from Herceptin back in April so was given tamoxifen. The side effects were horrendous so I told them I wasn’t taking it. I had a blood test which showed me perimenopausal but that was only because chemo had stopped my periods. I was pre menopausal before. Bcn made an appt for me to discuss with onco re ovary removal. I turned up for that and got a young dr who said it wasn’t necessary as I was post menopausal. Then I saw my GP who emailed my onco to say I had stopped tamoxifen and what could he give me for flushes? She then replied saying I had to see her re ovary removal!! What? I’ve come to the conclusion one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. I’m not taking any of the hormone drugs and I don’t want my ovaries removed as that will put me slap bang into menopause and the flushes etc will get worse.

Sorry, I probably haven’t helped you and can’t give advice. I just wanted you to know you’re not alone. I’ve just decided to get on with my life and not worry. They don’t know who benefits from these treatment and throw the same ones at everyone and hope for the best. I know someone who had bc, took tamoxifen and had 2 recurrances so there are no guarantees.

Just do what feels right for you

Best wishes x

Hi, I am 41 and got my diagnosis in Jan 15. I have completed chemo and had a mastectomy 3 weeks ago.

I have not had a period since March (started chemo Feb 15) .

As my BC was hormone receptive I was told that after chemo wld start tamoxifen. I have been put onto emesethane with monthly injections.  I also need to decide whether I want a hysterectomy or my ovaries radiated at the same time as I get my breast radiotherapy. 

Have been on the exemesthane  8 weeks and waking constantly through the night with sweats. Everything I read says exemesthane is given when you are post menopausal. I am surely artificially post menopausal? 

I am pretty confused as I don’t think I am asking my consultant the right questions, no blood test has been done to determine if I am  post or  not. If you don’t mind while you post a reply after visiting your consultant. I am back at mine 2/9 so think I need to have more detailed discussion around why I am on this particular treatment and understand benefits. Hope you get some clarification for your peace of mind too!

Hi debibay-last may my consultant wanted to swap me from tamoxifen to AI as I had not had a period for 18 months. However I was not convinced that I had gone through the menopause as my mum was on HRT for 20 years (yes really) and I knew I wasn’t going to get away with it that easy!

I asked my doctor for a blood test which confirmed I was perimenopausal. When I rang the consultant, he said that the hospital do not routinely check bloods and that anastrozole is only licensed for post menopausal so said to stay on tamoxifen. When I went for my appointment this may, I suggested that I stay on tamoxifen and arrange a blood test before my next check up and this was agreed. As I don’t get any side effects from tamoxifen I am happy to stay on it.



Help. I am panicking at the moment.  


I’m 49 had breast cancer at 47 and had all the treatment.  Bascially I switched from Tamoxifen to Anastrazole 7 weeks ago as the oncologist said as I was postmenopausal (had blood test done prior to starting Tamoxifen) 2 years earlier, which showed I was defintly post) and so it was better to be on Anastrazol after being on Tamoxifen for 2 years.  


Had a few teething problems with sore tummy last 7 weeks but not too bad and just put it down to the Ibandronic Acid.  Last week had the sysmptoms of bad urinary tract infection so popped to GP yesterday and was reassured that that was probably all it was.  However this morning I discovered that I was bleeding and went straight to see nurse practioner who examined me and I am now waiting for an urgent fast track scan.  Very very scared.  Only recently had reconstruction done and starting to feel positive again.  


Has this happened to anyone elsse?  I have been reading that Tamoxifen can cause bleeding but after 7 weeks and after switching to Anastrazole? Tummy feels like period pain and now have headaches too! :frowning: