post op bath

im almost 3 weeks post op mx and anc, suffering with cording but generally ok, scar healing nicely, fluid being drained x2 weekly. i have been using the shower but i’m a bath person and i want to fill my tub up and lay in it, how nice would that be!
will it be ok, or should i stick to the shower?
its one of those things that i keep forgetting to ask the nurse when i talk to her.
thanks, angie x

Hi Angie, I am just over three weeks and can understand the temptation of the deep bath (accompanied by a good book!) but I thought it wasn’t a good idea because I think you are then putting dirty water onto your healing wound (not that I am saying you are dirty but you know what I mean, water that has cleaned dirt from elsewhere on your body!). Plus, I don’t think it’s good for it to get soggy. I am no expert so would suggest checking with BCN first.
I am interested that you are having fluid drained. I think the reason I am struggling to wear a bra is that when I do all the fluid gets pushed up under my armpit. I’m not sure it’s getting any less but I haven’t asked about whether I should have it drained - think I will tomorrow.

hi nextstep
i resisted the urge for a bath for the reasons you mentioned, had a shower instead. yea, i get drained every 4 days and my bra also pushes the fluid into one area under the arm, i know when it needs done, it feels full and a bump appears at the breast area. the last day is quite uncomfortable but as soon as its drained and its empty, that also feels uncomfy for the bra for a little while. activity seems to fill me up more but then again that could just be my imagination, i would get it done if its bothering you but if not i would leave it. my macmillan nurse who does this only wants to see me if theres plenty to take off.
angie x

I think there may be diffierent views on the draining. I saw my BCN yesterday and she said she didn’t want to start draining unless absolutely necessary as once you start it tends to be an ongoing process and there is an infection risk. Basically I just need to be patient; not very good at that!

Hi nextstep,
I too am a bath person, but please dont be tempted! a friend of myn thought the same and bathed twise a day thinking she was doing good, she ended up with infection that became a major problem and ongoing for around 6months, due to getig water in her wounds,
i had a diep reconstruction in sep and the redused other breast same time, i was very lucky, i hated just puting the shower over me but was also told NOT to keep waster on all my wounds for long periods of time and just damp dry, i done that for about 6weeks, was terrafied of infection, i was having drainage every week too, and towards the end everyother day, they wanted to send me home with drain in, but unfortunately i was told i needed chemo and radio afetr my cell results, so had to leave drainage.
good news is had my last chemo yest, so pleased, and its gone reall quick, just got to have 5week radio but it will be a breeze to chemo!
so my advise is wait a while for that bath, and when you can have one light some candled and enjoy…
best wishes to you n big hugs xxx