post op bras

I’m dealing better with the news that I have to have a mastectomy next Wednesday and have got some post op bras on order from M&S but they won’t arrive in time. Can anyone recommend an online shop that could deliver ASAP?

Thanks, everyone!

Have you ordered via the internet for M&S? If not, that might be quicker.
Also, check that you are not paying vat as they are for medical reasons!

Yep, did an online order a couple of days ago but for some reason they can’t deliver until the 6th and that’s the day I go in to hospital. I’d rather like to try the thing on before that happens. Have you tried the M&S range - what do you think of them?

Hi Cat, I had a Mastectomy on the 21st and have still not tried on the bra I have got from M & S due to the swelling but this has not put me off as you have three months to return the goods. I would rather see how I feel when soreness and swelling gone down. Please be patient we will all get there and good luck with your surgery love junieliz

Hi Cat

I didn’t have a mastectomy I decided to have a WLE but just wanted to butt in and say all the very best with your surgery on wednesday.

Will be thinking of you

Good luck & best wishes

Catherine x

Hi Cat,
I’m sure I’ve seen some post-op bras in Asda…maybe some of the other big supermarkets will have some?
Best wishes for next Weds…
Love 'n hugs,

Hi Cat
Best of luck with your op. I had an WLE followed by a second re-excision this week. I bought sports bras from M&S. They are quite comfy

during the day, but dread going to bed at night even with one on. Everytime I turn over I wake up feeling very sore. The only answer in my

case seems to be sleeping a few hours at a time, day and night.

You will be in my thoughts also

Jilly xxx

Hi Cat -
In all honesty - I ran around like you trying to get the bras sorted out pre-op and spent a fortune but when it came to it I wasn’t able to wear it till about 3 weeks after the op and even then I could only bear it for a few hours at a time. I am going commando a lot now because I have just had axillary clearance too which is prolonging the agony.
I am not very big busted and find that wearing wasitcoats and loose t-shirts covers things up adequately.
Best of luck with the surgery & treatment
Molly x

Hi Cat
My bcn suggested amoena-online they deliver and bras can be returned if needed. Bras not too expensive and appear very nice (bcn showed me one) but I ended up buying two from Asda ( Only £6 each)
I wore them from the day I left hospital and one of them has a gap at the side large enough for my ‘Cumfy’ to fit in, whilst I pin my cumfy to the other one (another tip from my bcn)
Good luck next Wednesday

Thanks Liz, can’t believe that Asda does post op bras so I’ll have a look at them real soon. Also, the website suggestion is useful and I’ll be checking that out too.

Hi Cat, I am sore but everyday seem to be picking up a bit more. I was so worried about the surgery, but now that part is over and I am home I am feeling better. I have to go back on Wednesday to have a check up and see the oncologist as I am having chemo so it will be discussed a little more. Every visit is another one crossed off. It seems mind blowing as for everyone it happens so quick as it has to. I often go back a few weeks and think I didn’t even know about any of this, but we do now and have to get on with it as best we can. Stay positive and together we will get there love and best wishes for Wednesday junieliz

What suprises me is that all the post op bras that I have seen are back fastening!!!

Totally agree - just spoken to someone who says her mum wore her maternity bras and found them really comfortable, so maybe thats an option for some people?