Post op bras

I am having a mastectomy on the 22nd and am hoping someone could give me some guidance on post op bras. I will be having reconstructive surgery. There is so much information but personal experience would be good!

Hi Miskin,

I had a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. I was told to buy a back fastening sports bra and some bra strap extenders. It turned that for me the best bra, confort wise, is the triumph triaction sports bra e.g. Triumph Tri Action Workout Bra | Needundies you may want to shop around to get the best price. More than 18 months post surgery I still revert to this as the most comfy option. You can buy bra strap exrenders on Ebay (other places are available) for £1-£2 for a pack of three.

Hope all goes well for you. Take care.

I ordered lots on the Internet, tried them on at home and sent back the rejects! I used fig leaves but there are lots of sites. My most comfortable is made by Anita active, extreme control. I’m not a large cup but found this one very good, it has a special fabric to stop you feeling hot and sweaty when the flushes strike! I bought two different sports bras, a wash and a wear but also if the straps and seams sit in a different place you can alternate and stop any rubbing…you wear them day and night for several weeks so get comfy, supportive, well fitting ones! I also like a good old M and S full support non wired bra, it’s not as heavy duty as the sports bra and I started wearing it a few weeks into the recovery time for a bit of a break from that straight jacket feeling…prettier too. Good luck! Xx

I found the primark crop tops the most comfortable after my reconstruction. Pack of 2 for just £4!! Especially comfy as I had Beckers expanders recon and the ports on my ribs were agony to start with and these were so comfy.

Thank you for the welcome advice. Certainly going to be a challenging time.

Thanks for the advice. The tip about having different ones to avoid rubbing is definitely useful.

Thank you. Will be off to Primark to investigate.

I’d also like to second Revcats recommendation - the Triumph Tri-Action. I got fitted at John Lewis, and I’ve lived in these bras for the past three plus months since my surgery. I had a bilateral immediate DIEP, and these bras provide good support and they have no seams in the cups, so no irritation.

Has anybody used the Bellvia bra, if so dd they feel it was good?

Hi Mapie,
I had a therapeutic mammoplasty in March so currently have one C cup boob and one DD cup boob. I tried the Belvia bras , and while they are very comfortable, they certainly don’t give me the support I need after my op for the bigger one. I do sleep in them tho’. If you have smaller boobs I think they would be fine.

Thanks carrie37 I have D cup so not enormous but not that small maybe try them and if nothing else use them for sleeping

I am waiting for surgery and have been looking at bras aswell. Asda have similar ones to the Belvia bras and are only £6 each. i have bought some because they are cheap and hopefully will be ok for sleeping in if nothing else x

I have a couple of belvia bras so have been using them they are comfy but not sure about the support. Also sent for the one that RevCat recommended which arrived this morniing so will try it later to see how it feels.