Post op compression socks

Hello Ladies
I’ve just had my 3rd recon op, 2nd fat filler and a reduction after initial LD reconstruction. Been sent home once again in the compression socks under orders to wear 24 hours per day for 6 weeks - as before.
I’d hoped to use my previous op socks but they are all laddered with holes in. As I’ll need more than the one pair hospital have given me can anyone let me know where I can get these from online reasonably cheaply?
The ones on amazon seemed to be advertised as flight socks - will these be a good substitute?

Hi Jude, I would suggest you go to your doctor and ask for a prescription for a pair; they are really expensive if you buy them yourself.

As it is very important for you to wear them I would pop back to the ward and ask for a few pairs to take home. They shouldn’t have a problem in giving them to you, as I’m sure the price of the drugs you took home were equally as expensive and important for your recovery…if you don’t ask you don’t get, I’m sure the nursing staff will be accommodating.
Good luck
Maggie x

Hey Jude,sorry bout that sure you’ve heard that hundreds of times before! The hospital will give you a couple more pairs if you ask them but yes they are the same as flight socks,but you shouldn’t have to buy them and you can take them off for an hour a day just to have a short break from wearing them,all the best,

Hi Scone, lots of good advice there. It is important that the socks are the correct size so they are neither too tight not too loose, too long or too short. The hopsital will have measured you and given you the ‘best match’ they can. I would see if you can get them form the ward or failing that a prescription (you should be exempt from prescription charges if your’re in England; free in Scotland and Wales (sorry if, I NI don’t know). I was told last week after my redcution, to wear mine for two weeks (hospitals vary, it’s not a precise science) but that I could take them off for ‘a couple of hours’ a day, rinse them out and dry on a radiator.

Hope you are happy with your results… my reduced breast looks amazing, if multi-hued due to the bruising.

Very gentle hugs!

Thank you all for your comments, I never thought of getting them from hospital as when I went in 3 years ago for my mx, I was told I was only allowed one pair due to the cost!
I’m due back next friday to get the dressings changed so I’ll ask then for extra as the hospital is an hour away from home and I don’t feel up to that journey just now. In between time, I’ll get my GP to prescribe me some.
Great advice as ever!!


would pop back to ward if you can and try get spare pair like others have said. xxx

Or you can buy them in Boots. As other people have said, they’re sold as flight socks, but they do the job for post-op compression. They do two versions, one quite light weight, more like pop socks, and the other is thicker and more robust. They do them in various sizes, but the sizing assumes that your calf size correlates to your foot size, which in my case doesn’t work since I’ve got small feet and large calves!

I bought a pair of flight socks from Boots the chemist and then realised that my GP can prescribe and i am exempt from paying.
The doctor said the flight socks are not the same as compression stockings, your chemist should measure your calfs as early in the morning as possible, as your legs get bigger during the day, in order to get the right size for you.
Im not sure if you have to wear them 24 hours a day as i only used mine on a flight. Check with your GP.
Hope that helps and that you get the socks soon…we could all start a new fashion!!!