Post Op nausea

Hi all.  I had my mastectomy last Wednesday and was feeling very sick from the anaesthetic on that day. It is now 6 days after and I am still feeling slightly nauseas and it is in waves… not constant.   Has anyone else had this and is it normal?   Have had the drain out yesterday which makes things easier.


HI again Jaynie

So sorry to hear you’re having this problem.

Glad to hear you’re now without your drain (another small step forward, hey . Did you mention your nausea to the nurse removing your drain? If so, what did she say?  Or have you contacted your BCN/team about it, to see if they can suggest anything it may be,  or for it? 

No, I’ve never experienced such after having an gen anaesthetic. I’m wondering if it IS the anaesthetic, as I’d have thought it would have subsided by now,  or whether it may be due to something else? Whether you’ve picked up an stomach infection perhaps. 

But if you haven’t already done, you could really do to speak to someone about it. Are you still just taking Para’s and Ibuprofen??  Am wondering if if may be the Ibuprofen?  Am just thinking of other possibilities that could be causing it. 

Hope you can get to the bottom of it.  Let us know how you go on,  Delly  xXx