Post Op pain ?



i am 15 days  post surgery and I am experiencing a lot of pain and soreness which feels like the silicone implant is rubbing again the chest wall, it feels so heavy and swollen. My consultant said  I’m still healing and it’s early days. My gp has given me some antibiotics today as the breast felt slightly warm and I’m unable to touch it. I’m really starting to worry that something could be wrong, could my body be rejecting the implant or am I worrying unnecessarily?


your advice would be appreciated.


louise x 

Hi Louise,


Sounds like you you are doing all the right things already seeing your GP and surgeon but just wondering if it’s worth you phoning your breast care nurse so she can advise what should and shouldn’t be happening.  I had my surgery in December 2017 and it’s a tough op to recover from so try not to stress too much 15 days isn’t long. I had an uplift last week on the other side and wow I think I wiped the original mastectomy and recon op out of my head as to say I’m a little sore is an understatement. 


Take care