post op recovery

hi everyone, had my guide wire exc and node sampling on 15th oct so 2 weeks post op today. thankfully my results were good so just radiotherapy to come and some sort of anti hormone tabs because I was 100% positive on test I admit I dont really understand that bit!!!
Is it normal for my arm to feel weird?? the underside feels numbish and tingly and different bits feel sore each day and my boob scar and surrounding area is quite hard still. I would ask breast nurse but they are so busy.
thanks so much for all supportive messages this site is my best friend
lots of hugs

I had WLE and SNB in July with reexcision first week of Aug. This a usual side effect and should be temporary. My under arm felt numb and tingly as did my boob for a while but now it’s all back to normal, just about. No more tingling or obvious numbness just not as sensative under arm. I was told by BCN not to wet shave or wax under my arm anymore as you can hurt yourself and you’re more prone to infection. Electric shaver is ok.
Keep doing the exercises, apparently that helps. Hope it all sorts itself out soon.
Take care

Hi Zea. Yes this is completely normal. Your underarm is likely to be delicate and ‘odd’ for quite a while. It’s possible you may be left with some permenent patch of numbness, but usually it will sort itself out in time. As for lumpiness round the scar, mine is only just softening up after my op in Jan 2008 (although this is partly down to a haematoma) so everyone is different. Early days yet so don’t worry.

Hi Zea
I had WLE and SNB in sept’09 and under my arm is still numb in places certain areas behind my arm are numb too, scar very lumpy,my boob is still slightly tender as well, a bit like sun burn tenderness, but Iv’e come to realise its a very long drawn out healing process, of mind and body. Going along with Katie though the exercises are a must I have found the stretching of the arm has eased the pain.
Take Care Carole x

Hi Zea all sounds really normal. I too had the arm sensation you describe and the hard lumpy feeling around the scar. Both of these have subsided considerably now (had my op Aug 25). I too was worried about the hard lumpy feeling but it seems to be par for the course. Fantastic about your good results, your treatment is similar to mine, I start radiotherapy next week and have been taking Arimidex anti hormone tablets for 6 weeks now.

Be kind to yourself and let others do things for you if poss. It does take a while to recover physically and mentally. I still get pains in my boob when I have overdone things and also days when I feel quite tearful, all to be expected I think.

Chris x

Hi there,

Just what to echo what everone else has been saying. I had a lumpectomy on the 14th Oct and was worried about the same things. I spoke to the BCN and she made me go in so they could take a look (I was particulary worried about how hard the area of boob was around my scar ) however they said it was perfectly normal and that it might help to gently massage some Bio-Oil into the scar and surrounding area, however apparently time will be the No 1 healer. My patience and tolerance levels are going to be so well practised after this ordeal is over!

Brilliant news that it hasnt spread though. I am in a similar boat except they are probably going to make me have Chemo too as a preventive measure because i’m only just 26. Just so glad to have hope though.

take care xxx

Can I just agree yes bio oil has and is working.


I just had same op as you on the 20th October and feel all of the things you are feeling - so I guess it normal!!! I have to have a ct scan on Friday 20th Nov to work out my programme of radiotherapy - its the unknown so I’m a bit apprenhensive about it but like you the results of my op were good - hey this is a some journey we are on.

Anyway first tiem on this site but read your comments and wanted to say hi and I’m using aloe vera cream and bio oil on my breast till I start the radiotherapy - seems to have helped a bit so far.