Post-op results today


Results of post-op today. Need to know but don’t want to know.

I have been lucky in how quick my journey has been - it will only be 7 weeks in Sunday since I noticed indentation on breast - but because it has been so fast I have found it difficult to absorb what is happening to me.

Hope all of the results are back today like they promised. Salisbury District Hospital do seem to be very quick. My District Nurse say they are one of the best so I am lucky. Should know if aggressive, how many of the nodes were cancerous and if I need body and bone scans.

Appointment is at 3pm so it will be a long day waiting. Will report back when I can.

Poppet xx

Hope all goes well

All the best Poppet - hope you get good news

Linda x

Thanks to all for good wishes.

Well I received my results - 23mm grade 2 tumour removed with clear margins, 2/8 lymph nodes were cancerous, Oestrogen receptor positive 8/8 and Her2 negative. Not suspected to have travelled elsewhere so don’t need further scans but this may be checked later? I am at high risk of getting further tumours in either breast.

Have appointment with Oncologist next week, 15 May. I will be having chemo for 6 months then Radiotherapy for 3-4 weeks followed by Tamoxifen (or possibly a similar new drug) for 5 years. Chemo will start in 4-6 weeks once I am healed from WLE, SNB and axillary clearance.

I had thought it may have spread so I am considering myself lucky and I am so grateful that my team in Salisbury are so fantastic and so quick which I know is not the case for everyone. I hate that I will be receiving treatment well into next year but it is what it is. I have to stop my HRT which is going to make my treatment that much harder. I am accepting my lot for now but time will tell how I cope when this really sinks in.

Hope others awaiting results have got good news and/or treatment plans. It is much easier when you know your results and plans are put into place - you feel just a little more in control.

Best wishes
Poppet xx