Post op results WLE & SNB

I am 59 & had a WLE & SNB on 24 Aug for 7 mm tumour. Today i had my results. I have a clear margin around the tumour but there were micromets found in lymph nodes. I’m happy i do not have to have another operation. Next step radiotherapy. Waiting now for the nurse to ring me after the MDT meeting. Anyone else at my stage of treatment? I would love a buddy!

Hi Welsh lady , this is my first time using the forum. I had WLE mid July and had to have 2nd op to make clear margin and SNB last week. Still in quite a bit of pain, stabbing pains started yesterday but I’m hoping it’s just healing pains? I’m hoping results will come back ok and then waiting for radiotherapy like you. Feeling quite teary, post op blues but gotta keep strong haven’t we? X

Hi Helen,
Thanks for your reply. I’m newish to this forum as well. Sorry to hear you had to have further surgery. I also had more pain about a week or so after the operation but i developed a seroma which had to be drained. Gp thought it was an infection. I’m still sore now, especially the top scar near my arm pit. I hope your results are good. My radiotherapy should start in about 8 wks. Take care & keep in touch x

Hello again. Hope you are ok today. I’ve just got home from having my wound dressing checked & changed. Surprised to see new scar lot longer than previous one but ho hum, all part of get well process. Feel I’ve got my fighting spirit back today and this bc has got to clear off as not welcome! I get my results next week so hope to dodge a 3rd op and I was originally told radiotherapy might start 4-6 weeks after op but hope i might find out more next week . Please keep in touch & let me know how you get on xx

Ps, sorry me again. How did they find out you had a seroma, what were your symptoms? Nurse told me to see GP if stabbing pains persist xx

Hi, I’m fine thanks. Glad to hear you are in fight mode ? I try to keep positive & make the most of every day! Let me know when you have your results, what day? I was originally told that radiotherapy would start about 4 to 6 weeks after op but have now been told it will be 8 to 10 weeks from now! Re seroma i suddenly developed a swelling under the top scar ( nodes) which was very painful at 10 days post op. Gp at first thought it was an infection & gave me antibiotics. I would see your gp just to be sure if it continues. Keep in touch Helen, it’s great to have a buddy ? X

Hiya, yes most days I feel really positive, as feel thats the way to beat it, just have the odd weepy day but only to be expected. Got appt for results on 21/9 so keeping everything crossed that will be good news. Since I told nurse about stabbing pains earlier it’s eased off quite a bit since, typical, but I’m not complaining :slight_smile: thanks for seroma info, will keep a look out in case I get one!! Very glad to have a buddy too, I’m lucky to have supportive family around me but it’s great to talk to someone who knows what we are going through. Big hugs and keep up the fight xx

Will be thinking of you on 21, hope you get good results. Were you given information booklets by your breast care nurse? I find them really informative. Big hugs to you as well :heart:

Morning, yes I was given a huge pile of reading but I must admit with busy family life, kids & running then round to all their hobbies I haven’t found time to read through much of it yet. Was impossible to look at in school hols but now they are back at school i might get a bit of time to look in between work etc. Have you heard from the nurse yet about your meeting? Hope you will hear soon if not already xx

I can understand how busy you are, I’ve been there but my kids are grown up now. I don’t know how you cope with a family to look after as well! You will find the booklets really helpful. Yes the nurse rang back & said the plans are the same as discussed in clinic. Take care x

Hello, hope you had a good weekend; we had a busy one which was good. Thanks for good luck wishes for tomorrow and I will be thinking of you too. I’ve been told I will get an onc appt at some point so please let me know what happens and how you get on. H xx

Hope it all went well for you today. I have tried to private message you but it wouldn’t work x

Hi there, i have just emailed the moderators to see if they can set up my private messaging because i am quite a new user; is yours set up? How did you get on with oncologist and have you any news on rads dates? My appt yest went well thanks. If you would rather reply when my PM is set up thats fine & can go into detail. Hope you are ok my bc buddy xxx

Me again …My private messaging has now been set up, i just need to find a mo to read the instructions on how to send one :slight_smile: xx

Hi Helen,
Glad your appointment went well. My rads are going to start in November. Will be best to private message if we can rather than fill up this feed ? X