post op seroma

I had LD reconstruction 4 months ago (May 2008) and still have a large pocket of fluid below my back wound site which I can slosh from front to back! This area is very uncomfortable and sometime feels hot, I have had antibiotics from my GP but they did not seem to do much. My surgeon has aspirated this on 8 occasions, it just fills up again before I’ve even got home. He says that the fluid will all re-absorb, what I would like to know is when. Has anyone had this problem for a long time? If so can you please advise as to what I can do to help the fluid vanish. Thanks Jaxdar

I would be interested to know too! I had the same LD flap reconstruction 5 weeks ago, and the seroma on my back keeps re-filling, although it has reduced in size a little. The consultant has drained it 3 times, and injected it with steroids, but within 2 days it’s filled up again. Appt to have it drained again on thursday. A solution would be good!

Hi Ladies,
i havn’t had reconstruction (yet!) but had a seroma after mastectomy that took agaes to go. I had it drained about 8 times and had to start taking antibiotics as I started chemo before it sorted itself out. (So must have been about 5 weeks after op) Anyway, point is, though I didn’t think it would ever stop filling up, it just suddenly decided to give me a break and sorted iteslf out over a week or so.

so best of luck and I hope all goes well soon for you

Hi girls
I had a double LD masectomy and each time had trouble with seromas!! I probably had my back syringed 10 times, i was starting to wonder if it would go… eventually we decided to leave it alone and it did absorb itself over time!! not sure this helps but surprisingly they do go eventually!!!
bakers x