Post op treatment. Timescales. Which Calcium and Vitamin D (how much?) supplements.

Hi.  New to Forum…  I felt positive and thankful that there is/are things to help (eg. Radiotherapy, Letrazole) me go forward after my world turned upside down in March 2023, following a routine mammogram.  I’m waiting for a date to start 5 sessions of radiotherapy (saw Oncologist last week and just started on Letrozole - after wide incision op 7 weeks ago).   I’ve read forum posts on both radiotherapy and Letrozole I feel worried again.  So much negativity. 

No idea when radiotherapy will start (I’m fed up with hearing ans being told ’staff shortages in NHS  strikes and long waiting lists’.  I was feeling positive but not now.  Worried about side effects, what’s to come and when that might be.  I don’t know what to ask or who to contact to get things moving.  Feel if I don’t try and move things on it will be forever until I hear anything… frustrating but also worrying and scarry. 

Told by Oncologist need a bone density scan as I’ve known oestropenia which I’ve not taken anything for since diagnosed years ago.  Oncologist said I will need infusions (for bones) every 6 months (when  who does what entails etc I’ve no idea) and I’ve tot  to take Vitamin D  and Calcium  - Can anyone advise how much and what brand best?  Again no idea!   I don’t personally know anyone who’s had breast cancer so the Forum is valuable to me to find out more from others.  Apologies if I sound all over the place it’s being  Dyslexic.

Hi to you

I was diagnosed breast cancer in Feb2023. After many tests, biopsies,scans and MRI had wide excision surgery on 21 April 2023 for Grade 2 lobular cancer, no lymph node involvement estrogen positive HERs negative. Started exemestane estrogen blocker tablets a month ago and Adcal-D3 to help with calcium. 

This is my 2nd breast cancer diagnosis in 2 1/2 years. My first was in left breast but a different type  grade 2 invasive ductal no lymph node involvement and I had one week of radiotherapy followed by a DEXA scan which diagnosed osteoporosis.   This time round it’s a new primary in my right breast.

I will have one week of radiotherapy.  Unfortunately I have had a long wait for my first appointment with my Oncologist.  I had my surgery in April and my appointment with Oncologist is a telephone chat on 18 July 2023.  There will then be a wait for mapping and another wait for actual radiotherapy so looking at August hopefully.  I am concerned about all the NHS strikes going forward.  I have been so stressed about the length of time it’s all taking but have been told NHS is swamped with referrals.  NHS Staff have all been kind and amazing.  The timescale thing is different depending on the hospital, unfortunately my hospital has long waiting times. I get most of my information from my breast care nurses and have had a lovely chat with one of the Breast Cancer Now nurses who reassured me when I had a wobble.

I was prescribed Adcal D3 by my breast Surgeon so I would ask your breast care nurses about this as I get mine on prescription.  

I would say that this time round with a breast cancer diagnosis has been more difficult for me as first time just over 2 years ago my treatment was fast and timescales short as it was at the start of COVID. 

I wish you well going forward ask lots of questions.  Sending you a hug just in case you need one x

Thank you “Wings” for taking time to respond and offering advice and reassurance.   I’ll take the hug (and send one back). Hugs help me not feel so alone, especially at times when I can’t always share my thoughts (as often they are quite dark at times) with family X


I had my lumpectomy 16th May and had my first radiotherapy today so 10 weeks after surgery. 

I was prescribed Anastrazole and Adcal ( Vit D and calcium chewable tablet) at the same time by my Oncologist.

You will receive appointments slowly but surely. My bone scan was 2 months after my op and the planning CT scan for radiotherapy was a few days before that. 

I think my only advice at this time would be to read the booklets you should have been given but remember that side effects don’t always affect everyone and you may be lucky and have none at all. They have to tell you what the worst case scenario is but I am trying to be positive and deal with one thing at a time. If you are worried at all, give your breast cancer nurse a call as that is what they are there for.

I have been really worried today as it was my first treatment but I have done it and I am know hoping that I don’t get any side effects.

Know that there are always people out there for you, sending big hugs ?