post op

had my 1st op jan 10th wide excission and 13 nodes removed luckily only 1 infected, its 6 weeks since my 2nd op had more breast removed for clear margin, waiting to start radiotherapy april 16th. husband hates to see anybody in pain or not feeling good telling me i should be ok by now no pain etc feel a bit miffed at him.

You’ve had two ops! Plus the trauma of all the waiting for results, getting the diagnosis! Don’t expect too much of yourself, I’m sure lots of others on this site will tell you the same, you really need to take care of yourself.

Don’t blame you feeling miffed at husband, he probably is worried and upset for you, but maybe just not very good at dealing with it?

You will get through this, there is loads of support, advice, and humour on this site. Always someone there if you want to express how you are feeling, always someone who has been through whatever you are worried about to give reassurance.

Take care, keep in touch
Lizzy XX


I had my first op for WLE and lynp nobes removal on 11th Feb, then results still not clear went in for another op 5th Mar margins still not clear, going in for masectomy and recon. on 23rd Apr feel as if I have been bashed from all sides. Motto is chin up keep going


Dear Both
No wonder you feel bashed from all sides, this “Margins not clear” has been a bummer for both of you. Reading posts on here, seems it happens all too often, tough from both a physical and emotional aspect, I really feel for you both.

I had my WLE last Thursday, and, from my consultant’s almost blase comments, thought “that’ll get the surgery out of the way - then on with whatever they decide next” Sadly, I am now coming to realise that might not be the case, and wondering how I will cope if I have to have more surgery. As bravely as you 2, I hope.

Good luck and (((hugs)))) to you both, hope everything goes a bit more smoothly for you from now on,

Take care

Hi all…I just had to respond to this thread,because I am going through a similar scenario…especially the one you are going through divipop! In fact the dates are very similar to mine. Almost like walking in each others footsteps.

I had my WLE on Feb 9th, then a further excision on Mar 6th and now I’m having a mastectomy and recon surgery on the 20th. Hows that for coincidence!

So I really know what you are going through love…not easy, but its so a case of keep going , cos you can’t do anything else! As Lizzy says this site is a mine of relevant info…I’ve found out a lot of stuff for the mastectomy, and the chat and humour on different threads helps a lot!!

You take care now…and don’t forget to come back and let us know how you got on. Good luck!

Hi Helen

hope you are ok, isn’t that wierd that you have been through same experience as me. Well home from hospital last week
have to go back for results Friday (this is the worst part the waiting). I had reconstruction at the same time as masectomy did you? Just want to get back on track now and put this all behind me. Hope to hear from you soon.

Divipops x