post operation bra

Hi, I’m just about to have stage one surgery. I have been advised to use a cotton support bra but am having trouble locating one. Have been into Marks and Spencer and even Asda.
Can anyone advise as to where I can obtain a cotton support bra without the inner seams?

Many thanks


Have been wearing Sloggi cotton bras, can’t remember their actual name! Debenhams online for full price, or my local Matalan has had them and cheaper too.

Hope this helps

SJ x x

Hi cd, have you tried nicola jane? There’s a website. Also try marks and sparks website post surgery, some things aren’t in even the big stores. They also do a fab secret support cami. best wishes, Lynne

Thanks ladies, your suggestions are very welcome. I know it sounds silly to fret over a bra at a time like this…but hey we all different eh?

So thanks again and good wishes.


Try another asda I got a very comfy post surgery bra for £6

Hey, you’re not fretting, you’re being sensible. A comfortable bra or support top can make a big difference after surgery. If all else fails, try putting something like nursing pads inside a bra to provide cushioning. Sports tops or bras might work as well, the problem might be finding them in cotton.

i have seen them in asda but they in the bags not hanging up with the nice ones had to get my daughter one last week and lucky they were in sale for £4 , glad i saw this now cos my 1st op is next week and i didnt think about a bra for afterwards lol

I have tried various makes, and the main problem is finding one without a tight band, that wrinkles up and cuts into you at the bottom. What looks fantasic before your op, turns into a torture device an hour after putting it on!!
The best one looks like Amoena’s new ‘Mona’ model. I have ordered one, despite having had my surgery 10 days ago, because it looks like it will be comfy during rads as well, not to mention further surgery! But it is £20! not cheap, but if it lives up to it’s promises I will be happy! It is front fastening too. Currently I can only wear my existing bras until about lunchtime, when I finally get so uncomfortable, I tear them off! Will let you know!
Good luck with the surgery,

I have a couple of the M&S secret support cami’s and they’re brilliant, especially at night.

I also paid a visit to Bravissimo (depends what cup size you are, I’m quite big) and a fab lady knew exactly what I needed. She’s also had bc and knew what would rub etc. I got 2 soft cup bras that aren’t terribly pretty, but do they job!

She mentioned that that store in Leeds is planning on holding a special ‘lock-in’ evening for ladies who have had surgery/prosthetics etc and want more time/advice


try edenhouse online 100% cottton front fastening soft bras wear 24/7.i am a 42E i have found them very comfortable. i am 4 days post op having had a lumpectomy and sentinel lymph nodes biospy and subsequent removal. Due to biospy results. have a very good post op bra, cotton, fron opening, this was recommended by my BCN and worked very well for me.

Fig leaves have some ‘maternity’ soft bras, I found them really great they didn’t dig abd there were some good sizes and they were cotton ,I think they were called Mary Jane


i too went to asda and got post surgery one in bag but tend to go without and pin prothesis into top and wear shirt on top as find bras uncomfortable after a while after mx my friend got me a pretty one with lacey insert above clevage but not worn it yet and that was matalan… good luck x

Marks and Spencer do a soft surgical bra without wiring which I have found really comfortable. I also got a lovely front fastening sports bra without wiring. It made life much easier as I can’t move my arm very well after lymph node removal.
I would advise you to get a band size bigger than you would normally take. I had quite a lot of swelling initially.
Hope that helps.

I went to Mothercare and got 2 for £20. They were called sleep bras. I bought a size 12 (I’m normally a 10) and they were really comfy. You can step into them as well which made it alot easier. x

I’m glad i have seen this thread. I had my second op yesterday and when the nurse saw me in my sloggi top she told me i needed something far more supportive than i had. However, after the first op where i had openings under my breast and also cut from my cleavage to my nipple I didn’t want to be held in anywhere. I have come home and actually taken the wires out of 2 old t shirt bras, i was not happy with the non wired bra selection in my local marks and sparks but I will go to mothercare. I’ve been told to wear one for at least 2 days to give me back my shape. Well what there is left of it.

Hope you find something more comfy. Like some of the others, I found both Asda and Tesco sports bras comfy and have been wearing them post op. Asda one was wider with 3 sets of hooks at back; Tesco one had two, although theirs was cotton at sides as well as cups and straps. I did buy bigger size for extra room at back and also two packs of bra extenders, which clip on to your hooks and then as the swelling goes down you can adjust them in accordingly. I got them from La Senza, but M@S online also do them.