Post Radiotherapy cough

Hello Everyone,
I finished my Radiotherapy on February 19th and had a cough all the way through it,due to my husband being full of flu and very kindly passing his cough on to me.
The cough did get better but I feel now like I have got another/different cough.
I can go for hours and not cough at all,but then I feel like there is something sharp sticking in my throat and I end up having a coughing fit-then I feel like there is water/fluid sloshing around in the base of my throat.I am still having physio on my arm and chest-I have had a mastectomy-and the cough is always worse for a couple of days after physio.
I wake up in the night coughing as well,although some nights are worse than others.
I know this all sounds random and a bit bizarre but I was just wondering if anyone else was like this following Radiotherapy?
I saw my Oncologist on Thursday and he said he was sure it was just normal following the treatment,but sent me for a chest xray(not had any results yet) and is going to send me for a CT scan and bloods.
He then said he will see me back in clinic in 8 weeks,
The cough is not productive and I am not breathless.
Other than the cough I was actually starting to feel better but I now feel like I am in the vortex of being catatonic with worry AGAIN!!!
I know you are always looking over your shoulder with Cancer-you are always worrying that it has spread,
It just helps to talk to people on here,
Thankyou so much to everyone
Best wishes xxxx

Hi Bolly

did you ever get to the bottom of the cause for the cough? Im also two months post radio with exactly the same symptoms.

All the best. X

I should also add I now take letrozole and have done since the end of May this year.