Post recon pain

Hi, had surgery 9 days ago. Single mastectomy with direct to implant, nipple sparing reconstruction, and targetted lymphnode removal.

For the first week, pain was very manageable and really only felt in the armpit area, whilst reconstructed breast felt completely numb.

In the last couple of days however, I’ve started to experience a dull pain in the centre of the new breast, close to the nipple. Its nowhere near unbearable, but it is constant.

Is this normal? Just a bit unnerved by it as had complete numbness for the first week!

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Mskis18 :heart: do please check with your team if you’ve not already done so :heart: that’s what they are there for to take care of you :heart: it’s hard to know what should feel right or not post op :heart: so do please just check with your team too :heart: it does feel like ants running under skin as things knit back together from my experience, I had a therapeutic mammoplasty so can’t answer your question but hope what I’ve written helps :two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx