Post surgery and now to start radiotherapy

I had a therapeutic mammoplasty in October and have recovered well . I had an Oncotype test and received my results this week … 11 … so I am advised Radiotherapy not Chemotherapy. I am so relieved it’s not Chemo but this is not the end of this journey . 
Many of us go through this rollercoaster and have times of unpredictable emotions . Keep positive , look after yourselves . My breast Consultant is amazing as was the whole team who looked after me . 

Thank you for posting your experiences Sally , hope all has gone well for you with the rest of your treatment x

Hi - I’m hoping to have oncotype test as I qualify however my surgeon said even if it comes out saying no Chemo my oncologist might recommend it due to my age (under 50) - it’s such a difficult journey and the thought of chemo on top of radiotherapy, hormone therapy and 2 surgeries is stressing me right out .  Fingers crossed my treatment looks more like yours :crossed_fingers: