Post surgery and waiting for oncology apt - worried

I had a stroke 6 years ago and, along with cognitive issues, left with painful neurological disorder called dystonia - my brain sending wrong signals to muscles on left side of my body causing muscle spasms and guess what my breast cancer is on my left side too. Had lumpectomy done under local anaesthetic to minimise stroke risk but this didnt leave clear margins so opted for mastectomy under general to avoid further surgery.  I’ve got Grade 3 triple negative.  Lymph nodes were clear.  Have been told that there were two other areas of pre-cancerous cells so fortunately surgery was best option.  Dealing with fluid build up and worrying wait for oncology apt knowing chemo only other follow up teatment.  My stroke brain is struggling with the apts and taking in information. 

Is there anyone on here who has had a previous stroke.

Also any advice on questions for oncologist to think about before apt but obviously don’t know what they will say?!!!  I’ve got a telephone apt next week.  What can I expect from this?