Post-surgery bras



I am due to have a double mastectomy with DTI reconstruction next week. I had ordered the highly recommended Asda post-surgery front fastening bras but they now appear to be out of stock so my order has been refunded. Does anyone have alternative suggestions? 


Hi Mcgee

Sorry you havent had a reply yet.  Whilst you are waiting there are a few options.  We have a whole section on the website about bras post surgery.

You may find it helpful to speak with one of speciaists on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

Or you can leave a message for one of our specialists to reply to you online in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum.

I am sure someone will be along shortly to offer their own recommendations.

Best wishes
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Hi McGee, depending on your cup size I found good old M&S worked well for me. I also bought one from Nicola Jane, but it was expensive. It has lasted really really well though. Some of the ladies on here used zip up sports bras, but the cup size wasn’t any good for me as post surgery I was extremely swollen, but there was no problem returning it. I did have a lot of swelling under my arm where I had lymph node clearance , and because I had a lumpectomy I was able to use Asda pull on bras eventually. There isn’t much support but they were great to sleep in. Hopefully some mx ladies will be along soon, although I suspect there is a thread on here somewhere re the bra situation. Good luck. X

Hi, I have struggled with bras post mastectomy surgery. I have found the Amoena, Ester, front fastening soft bra the most comfortable.

i was measured at marks and Spencer’s and bought some soft bras but this was hopeless. Then I tried some different style marks bras after being remeasured, still hopeless.

Am now waiting for a local shop to get in a few mastectomy bras to try but after being told I am about 4 different sizes I have booked a fitting appointment with Amoena. 

I just want a pretty, normal looking bra! Good luck. 

Hi there sorry wish I’d replied sooner i trawler internet as i didn’t like the look of any recommended, I ordered from a site called Macom beautiful pictures and specialists in mastectomys and breast ops etc in London, anyway superb I ordered 2 more, really comfortable and look great, every time i go back and see my surgeon and BCN they say "wow great bra!"I ordered a bamboo one and can’t wear it as it so uncomfortable compared to these, they’re obviously more expense but really worth it, I will carry on wearing beyond the 6/12 weeks period as they’re so feminine. I had mastectomy right breast recon and implant with nipple saved in one go, so I’ve been wearing day and night for over 2 weeks. Hope this helps much love H XXX

I had a bra fitting yesterday and once my size was confirmed, treated myself to 3 normal bras (soft, cotton and non-wired, ), and 2 post surgery bras which are very classy and elegant which hopefully will keep me cheerful when I come to wear them. All my bras are back fastening per my surgeon’s instructions. I questieond my BCN aboutfastening them as probably won’t be able to reach round to the back and she told me, despite usual bra advice not to do it, to do the bra up at the front and then move the bra round then insert arms into the straps. I think I’ll put my foob and boob in first and get my OH to do teh bra up for me!