Post surgery check up and results

I went for my post surgery check and result this morning. The surgeon decided not to drain my swelling, said it was a seroma with swelling of the skin but should be reabsorbed by the body in time. My wound is healing well too. And the best news, is that, despite having a 97mm invasive cancer, it has not spread to the lymph node as and the margins are clear. Phew! Now just waiting for referral to oncology, to discuss the rest of the treatment. Has anyone else had genomics testing? (Not the same as genetics, they told me a sample of my surgery tissue would be sent to determine possible chemo).

Oh Sharlea I’m so pleased for you that’s fantastic news!!! 97mm and clear margins no spread - amazing and so hopeful! I haven’t heard of genomics testing but it sounds like they’re going to do the Oncotype Dx testing. I believe from what I’ve read that is sometimes done to help assess whether chemotherapy would be beneficial? Have you tried asking the bcns on here, or your own team bcns for more details?

Sadly I didn’t get my results at clinic today as expected since they weren’t back in time for MDT. :crossed_fingers: they’ll be back and considered when I go back to clinic on Friday. I was told it doesn’t necessarily mean anything that they’re not back yet, and several ladies are also waiting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop the pessimistic gremlin on my shoulder from catastrophising in the meantime . I did manage to lose the dreaded drain today though so it wasn’t a wasted journey and wow it’s so nice to ditch the drain!!

Please update once you know more xx

Hi sharlea,

So pleased you got good news today with clear margins and lymph nodes, such a relief. I had my results today and got the same good results! 

I haven’t heard of the genomics testing either, sorry, does that determine your next treatment? I am now waiting for an oncology appointment to plan radiotherapy treatment. 

Sending hugs,

Sarah xx

Hi sharlea

My consultant ordered an Oncotype test, which profiles the tumour to see if any benefit from chemo.  They only do it in certain situations. There was a good section on this website and the Macmillan one explaining it.  It can take 2 weeks for results to come back. I got my results last week and thankfully was told I won’t need chemo.  So now waiting for oncologist appointment to discuss radiotherapy and hormone therapy. The extra time waiting to hear was hard as you just want to know.  Hope you continue to get good news. x