Post Surgery Deodorant!

Hi All!
A general question as I’m trying to work out what deodorant is best to use and timing……I had a single mastectomy and axillery node clearance 2 and a half weeks ago. All healing well but my god does my armpit smell despite daily showers! :grimacing:
I haven’t had my follow up yet so wondered what others did regarding type of deodorant going forward (It’s likely going to be chemo next followed by radiotherapy) and also, how long post op did you start to use it?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Tabby-Lou

Thank you for your post. I am sure someone here will be able to share their personal experience :slight_smile: In the meantime you may find this previous thread about deodorant useful Deodorant!.

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Hi Tabby-Lou

From a post from another user ( sorry I can’t find the link) I read an article that said we should try to avoid ones that contain aluminium which most of the conventional ones seem to do but if you are going to use one with aluminium use a stick or roll on rather than a spray .I switched to Bionsen which is aluminium free . Unfortunately the holder of the stick one is a funny shape and scratched my armpit so I’m trying the roll on. Consider areas that are extra sensitive and might not respond well to being coated in deo - you’ll have more control with your application if you avoid a spray .

I also have a stick one by Fussy which contains only natural ingredients which I sometimes use for preference , mine is perfumed but yet another forum user managed to get an unperfumed one online so that would probably be really gentle. There’s a good selection of natural deo products at places like Lush - maybe check with your BCN as to what they might be happier with you using.

I’ve taken an interest in these posts because I was having some irritation in my armpit - I had lumpectomy SNB and radio only so able to start using deo and shave more quickly than you but my armpit is still more sensitive than it used to be . I’ve found that I can’t shave then put on deo straight after any more so I shave/ wash at night and wash / apply deo in the morning.

If you’re feeling self - conscious have you tried spraying a body spray ( not deo) or Febreeze onto the outside of your clothing ( not anything that’s tight under the arms though) .

Best of luck
Joanne x

I switched to Wild natural deodrant with their subscription. Aluminium case with refills which can also be bought in Tesco and other supermarkets unless you need sensitive which appears only available on their website.

Sustainable Natural Deodorant That Works | Wild Natural Deodorant – Wild UK.

Hallo, hope you’re recovering well after your surgery! I had a wide excision and sentinel node removal five weeks ago, and I found Freshwipes to be invaluable, they are large, soft biodegradable wipes with chlorhexidine in them so really good at counteracting body odour. ( they have a Facebook page but a Google search will help you find them) I was lucky that my scars weren’t an issue for applying deodorant, but for the first few days I used The Good Soap ( Facebook again) and then used my usual roll on ( Lidl), but I also have Wild for when I start radiotherapy as it seems milder. The Good Soap is a little drier and might create a ‘drag’ on your skin, I softened it in my hands a bit before rubbing it on, it comes in a block you can use directly like a roll on or in a tin where you can apply it with your fingertips. Their floral scent is lovely!


Thank you all so much for your advice and suggestions! That’s a great starting point and il try them to see which one I get on with x x :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi Tabby-Lou,

I started using Wild deodorant, but am now using the Moo Goo one. Moo Goo are a brand that do lots of super gentle skin care, all natural ingredients. with a load of stuff recommended just for oncology patients. I just bought their oncology care pack with a body wash, cream, lip balm and deodorant. I think their deodorant is better than the Wild one - which is annoying as I bought about 20 refills for the Wild one :rofl:



Thanks @Rach09 i will look into the MooGoo, always good to try others. I think I had a moisturiser from them in a charity chemotherapy bag but can’t use it as it contains sweet almond oil and I have a nut allergy and avoid all nuts.

Hi @KitchenWitch
I’m now 7 weeks post surgery, wide local incision and sentinel node biopsy on both sides. My scars are at the sides so very close the armpits so had to be careful what I used from the start. Wipes are invaluable Post surgery, I used Australian Body care Tea tree wipes, they were fantastic.

Hope you are recovering well. I don’t think I was told how restrictive it would be for so long. Physio said 4/6 weeks to walk the dog, I suppose not having a good side is more problematic. I even opened up one of the scars at 6 weeks from doing some gardening. Luckily they are all ok and have moved onto Bio Oil.

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Glad to hear you are recovering now, it must be difficult having surgery on both sides. Wipes were great, I was able to use a wipe to wrap around my breast when it felt hot and tingly during recovery, it was so soothing and cooling. I found Wild deodorant very nice to use, I got the trial sized ones and they’re like a large lip balm. It glides on very easily and kept me fresh, I was very impressed with it.
Like many things in life it’s trial and error until you find what works for you as an individual, but it can get expensive trying different things!

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I had a lumpectomy first time around a few years ago with chemo and radiotherapy and my armpit stank initially and was told Rocksalt was the best idea and found it worked for me, my daughter uses it too. I have had a reaccurrance same breast recently and mastectomy and using Rock salt - Boots and most other places sell it - try it and see if it helps. :relaxed:

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Hi @Brightside55

Sorry to hear it’s come back. I hope you are recovering ok.

Is Rocksalt the same as PitROK? I have heard of that and it’s had some good reviews.I tried Wild because of the less packaging idea and reusable case. You also have to remember there is about 10 days when the aluminium from anti perspirant needs to leave your body when you swap to a natural deodrant. You smell worse before better.:rofl:

That’s the one naught-boob :+1::rofl: PitRok! scrambled brain and yes, you’re quite right about the aluminium I believe. I haven’t tried WILD so will give it a go.

All’s well that ends well - Recovery good and I’m doing ok thanks just glad it’s gone -maybe not the boob - but got used to it and more than ready to go into battle with the big C again should it rear it’s ugly cells anywhere else anytime !!

Hope Tabby-lou you’ll find something to suit you and you make a good recovery.

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Hi. I had more or less the same procedures as you 7yerrs ago and ever since I have used coconut oil mixed with bicarbonate of soda, as I no longer trust manufactured deodorant. It works really well for me and I know exactly what is in it. It is just 1/2 cup melted coconut oil and 3/4 cup asking soda mixed up and left to set. You can add a few drops of essential oil (lavender works well) if you want it scented.

Hi @Brightside55 sorry to hear about your recurrence and hope you are recovering well too!

An update….I bought the Wild deodorant today from Holland and Barrett. To my horror I went into Tesco after and it was on offer! :woman_facepalming:t2: That will teach me not to shop around! But as a lot of you have recommended it thought I would let you know that the refills are on offer too! :relaxed:


Let us know how you get on with it.

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Hi, pleased to say the deodorant has worked!!! Thank goodness my pits are smelling fresh as a daisy, albeit a hairy one :rofl:

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Good to hear :rofl: . I’ve decided to stick with the Fussy one permanently as it seems to work as well as the ordinary kjnd (no complaints at least !) and it’s gentle on my skin/ better for the environment . I got it from Tesco as well .

Glad you’re sorted in time for this spell of hot weather.

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Great news. I was pleasantly surprised how good the Wild deodorant is. It took a while to get used to fragrance (coconut and vanilla) as I normally have fragrance free. It’s lasted more than the four weeks they suggest, probably nearer to six, which makes it more affordable.
It’s obviously time to embrace the hairy pits😘

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Awaiting mastectomy on 25th and trying to prepare. Never even thought deodorant would be an issue till I read this thread. I picked up Sanex 0% alcohol/aluminum roll on made with bamboo in Sainsburys this morning. On offer for £1.25. I think this goes along with other suggestions. Not tried it yet as still able to use aluminium spray for now.

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