Hi all! 

I start RT in a couple of weeks and my consultant has recommended I use a perfume-free deodorant. I’ve looked in all the usual high street places but no luck. Can anyone recommend one please? I have VERY sensitive skin so bed to get using it ASAP. ?

Thank you!

Doris x

Thanks for your post @Doris74 

You may find this thread about deodorants useful

I’m sure someone else will share their personal experience too :slight_smile:

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I just bought a refillable one from Fussy online. You may not want that if you plan to go back to antiperspirant. They have an unscented refill in both standard and sensitive skin formulations. I like it a lot.

Kelly xx

I’ve started to use moogoo products. They have a perfume free, aluminium free roll on deodorant for sensitive skin.

They have their own website or it can be bought in Holland & Barret or amazon.

Hope this helps