Post surgery fatigue and depression

I had my surgery last Thursday it is to be expected had lumpectomy and sentinel node removal 

i have ME and Fibro so I am used to feeling very fatigued but over last few years I have been well enough to work part time job I love as a therapist.

i gave also had in the past very bad depression and severe anxiety but this has been years ago and I was doing ok - despite recent viral encephalitis following a flu jab and the flu itself.

i was encouraged by a reasonable day in Monday where I felt in less pain and still had to go to bed twice and sleep but guess it’s to be expected.

i suffered a hemiplegic migraine after the surgery last week and lost the movement in my left arm and leg and my speech went plus terrible headache and was kept in for observation as a result - but have had one other before so I knew it would pass.

today well yesterday I had a major meltdown - another migraine- fatigue and am so depressed and hopeless 

I can’t work out if my ME has flared up or if what I am feeling fatigue wise is to be expected- 

I can’t sleep now as slept all afternoon yesterday so wide awake.

i fear the ME as it is hideous but so also is depression and dealing with the unknown of getting my results from Hospital- is just now too much.

im sorry this a long a miserable post but I feel wretched and can’t imagine how I am going to get through all the rest that BC is going to throw at me.

i have loads of friends who are just so kind and a loving family - I am very blessed.

But I am terrified 


Dear BizzyLizzy

It sounds like you have so very much to contend with and now waiting for your test results for breast cancer as well.  We have a fantastic free Helpline, 0808 800 6000 our speciaists are there to talk and listen, do please give them a call.

Alternatively you can share this post in our Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum where our nurses are able to respond to you there.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Bizzylizzy i am sure that each and every one of us ferls overwhelmed at times and especially after surgery. The Anaesthetic takes time to get out of the syatem. Waiting for results is absolutely the worst of times too.

Your additional health problems will add to this but as you said you were doing well so i really hope that you are soon feel8ng better.

Do phone the helpl9ne and chat to tje nurses who will understand how you are feeling and also go to your GP if you feel it will help. Dont suffer alone.

Big hugs xxx

Hi BizzyLizzy


The wait for the results after surgery is horrendous but just wondering if you have spoken to your breast care nurse since your surgery. Its so soon you may be expecting too much of yourself too quickly and fatigue after the operation may be just that. 


Hope you are feeling better soon xx

have got the results today 

I have to go back in to have more surgery next week as they found cancer in the sentinel nodes 

also now suggesting I have Chemo and then Radiotherapy 

my partner and I are so shocked as we thought it was contained 

also have really bad nerve pain under my arm.

was really doing well until today but the anxiety has kicked back in so been to the GP and now have sleeping tablets.

thank you for your support 

I really appreciate it