Post surgery - Heat intolerance and swelling & hot flushes

I was just wondering if anybody else is finding that they are struggling with the very warm weather ? 

I had a lumpectomy and 11 Lymph nodes removed in February 

finished Radiotherapy 4 weeks ago.

I am still swollen and have some scar tissue and I am finding that when the weather is hot the swelling is worse 

I usually love the heat but now can’t really tolerate it - doing all the things I should 

sun hat / Factor 50 and insect repellent ( have mild lympodema ) wearing sleeve and purchase an sun brolley .

Is this normal ? Or the "new normal " 

plus since Radiotherapy I’m having hot flushes again - I am yet to start and hormone blocking drugs - seeing oncologist in two weeks .



Hi there, I have had exactly the same issues. Our hormones are all over the place and hot flushes are the norm for me now even without this mini heatwave. I finished my radiotherapy last Sept and im only on Herceptin now but they still continue. Ive found filling a bottle with water and freezing it helps by using it as a “cold water bottle”. Pop the frozen bottle into a zip lock bag and use whenever. Same thing can be done with a sponge. Wet it, pop it into zip lock bage and freeze it. Ready to go straight from the freezer. Hope this hepls, stay positive and take care of yourself.