Post surgery lumps

Hi, after surgery did anyone suffer some lumps in their breast? I’m 10 days post surgery to
Have lump
Removed and I have some lumps and bumps in the breast where they have operated? I know I only had one lump before and assume they took this out so
Why have I got all these lumps

Hi Suzie ,yes I had lots of lumps and bumps too particularly noticeable when the swelling started to settle down about a week or so after surgery.When do you have post op appt with surgeon ,they will be able to put your mind at rest .

Thanks for the response Jill, I appreciate that. I was fine after surgery but as soon as I felt how lumpy my breast was I started to worry again as it brings back all the bad memories of finding the first lump! I am 10 days post surgery now and nearly all bruising has gone down but I’m
Just left with all the lumps xx