Post surgery more advice

Hi all you wonderful people! At home day 2 after mastectomy reconstruction and sentinel node. Surprisingly feeling pretty good - on paracetamol and penicillin- I can’t take anti-inflammatory meds. So far so good. NHS amazing - every person! Noticed the the top part of my breast is very slightly swollen - it’s not red and I feel good. Is this where the implant is attached. Just trying to understand it. Thanks.

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Well done my very brave lady, nice to read your home and sounding very pleased with yourself, give yourself a big hug for doing and feeling so positive.

It’s very early days, swelling is expected At the moment, but just keep your eye on it in case it should get red If you’re at all worried if your breast cancer team a call tomorrow for reassurance.

Lots of health and happiness going forward, look after yourself, Take all the help offered as it’s still early days.

hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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Thanks @Tili its amazing really. I don’t feel unwell and it doesn’t hurt and it’s not red - just a bit swollen and tender which you would expect - it’s just higher up than I imagined - located where the bra turns into a strap - I guess that’s where they’ve attached the new one! Thanks for your response. Just been a bit worried overnight!!