Post surgery results better than expected

I just wanted to share a complete surprise. I was dreading my post op (lumpectomy and full node clearance) results as every consultation has brought progressively worse news. Instead we got a shock in the other direction. The predicted size reduced from 3.2 cm to 1.8 cm and the grade from biopsy went from 3 to 2 after full analysis. The margins are clear and so no more surgery. I’ve also gone from stage 2b to stage 2a because of the reduced size. One node involved so Chemo is still the likely next step but it may get decided on oncotype rather than being a certainty. Has anyone else experienced this? It is such a shock albeit in a good way as I got so used to hearing worsening news. Also does anyone know what my oncotype score is likely to be? I am 54, post menopausal with er +ve, her 2 -ve, a 1.8 invasive tumour with one node involved and full node clearance. Thank you from a slightly happier member of the club!

Diz68 Just had to send And celebrate your better news than you expected :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Wow ! I’m not surprised you are pleased (seems odd to be saying it about this doesnt it ) but that certainly is some good news you’ve had there. Im afraid Oncotype isn’t something I know a lot about, but it is an assessement based on your tumour tissue (so a sample sent away) and they do some genomic analysis to find out your recurrence likelihood, and give a score accordingly. Oncotype scores aren’t given based on that statistics that you have given on your post below, but only on specialist tissue analysis.

Here is an article found on BCN…