Post surgery skin

I have had a WLE and SNB just over a week ago. Some of my skin (not even right near the incision) feels ‘burnt’ and I was wondering if there is anything safe to apply to sooth/hydrate it.

Tried searching but all I turn up is stuff about the scar.

I’d suggest ringing your bc nurse tomorrow. Something water-based like E45 lotion or Aqueous, which the hospital gave me prior to radiotherapy, even Aveeno lotion should be fine but, since your scar may not be fully closed yet, it’s best not to take risks. I’ve no idea what your abbreviations are but, with a mastectomy and axillary clearance, the burning is caused by severed nerves, unavoidable during this kind of surgery. Your brain is getting its wires crossed as the body tries to repair the damage, hence the burning sensation. Gentle massage, skin on skin, may help as the brain knows what to expect from the hand and may make better sense of it all. Take care x

Hi Silvertong

I had three WLEs before my Mx and I think the burning sensation you have is the nerves in the breast coming back to life and some inflammation, which is the body’s natural reaction after any surgery. My breast was quite numb for about a week or so after the ops and then I started to get shooting, burning type pain all over it. As others have said it would be a good idea just to check in with your BCN for some advice and reassurance but I used Aloe Vera gel, kept in the fridge, but not on the incision area, which will still be healing. It was very soothing. 

Take care and sending you a virtual hug  

Francine x