Post surgery

I am 38 and had a lumpectomy and SNB last Wednesday 4th Jan,I feel fine mentally,but I am so tired.Finding it hard to sleep,I dont usually do sleeping on my back!Is it usual to feel so tired.Have also lost my appetite as well!


I am just slightly ahead of you as I had WLE and nodes removed three weeks ago tomorrow.

I also felt very tired after the op. I think it is probably a combination of anaesthetic and not sleeping. It is starting to get better now though (especially as I can now sleep on my side again).


Definately looking forward to being able to sleep on my side!what is your next treatment,I find out next Tuesday,17th.

I had a simple mastectomy and axillary clearance nearly three weeks ago and have to sleep on my back supporting my left arm with a pillow. Although I seem to sleep okay I am only getting about 5 hours and like you feel very tired and drained most of the time. My BCN said it is normal to feel tired - we are recovering from surgery and our bodies will be using all our energy for that.

don’t know if you lot are still about but I’ll give it a go. You are many weeks ahead of me and I wonder what stage you are at? I had a WLE and total node clearance late Feb and after two weeks I can sleep on the unaffected side and feel a lot more comfotable in bed. The node scar is sore if it gets rubbed by a bra or something but breast scar is fine. Did anybody go back to work between surgery and Chemo? if you did how did you cope and were you given leeway for tiredness/wobbles etc.?
grateful for any advice!!!
D x

Hi there
I had mastectomy end Dec then had lymph nodes removed beginning feb and am staring chemo on Mon. I haven’t returned to work in between. I still get tired at times even though I can sleep quite comfortably in bed I still sometimes wake up with a stiff shoulder, despite doing all the exercises. Breast scar is fine like yours but it is still the node scar that gets a little tender if rubbed by a bra, so tend to only wear bra etc if venturing out.

Hi D,
I had WLE and node clearance on 27th feb, going back to work monday for a couple of afternoons a week before chemo starts to try and get a little normality back into my life, Im now waiting for ct scan as nodes affected and hoping it will take my off this and the endless waiting for results and treatment plan, Im hoping to go to work occasionally inbetween chemo IF i feel up to it, but im lucky my employers are happy to leave it to me I would say if you feel well enough to go back to work give it a try if not look after number one first x

Best wishes

Janice x

Hiya D,

I had WLE and SNB on Dec 9 - I went back to work for nearly 2 weeks between surgery and chemo - full time teaching - had no issues at all! I am halfway through chemo - could work but have decided better to take this time to get through as healthily as I can - but get full pay so can afford to!


Hello again!
Thank you so much for your replies! I have spoken to my Head of Dept (I’m a teacher too!) and she is really keen for me to do what I can and opt out if I’m feeling ropey, so am comfortable about going in next week. The BN basically told me I’d be taking a big risk if I worked during chemo because of the germs flying around (it’s not just the kids, the staffroom resembles germ-central at certain times of the year!!)I think I was trying to organise and control what was happening, but just going to have to let go and take every day at a time (not easy for control-freaks like me!!) thanks again for getting back to me, hope all your treatments are bearable and you are feeling ok.

D xx

Hope your doctor will surely take care of yourself. and you will soon be okay.