Post surgery

Hi I am feeling a bit low today. I am 7 days post therapeutic mamoplasty for a triple negative lump. I am still waiting my post op Appointment and my mind keeps running away with me, wondering if my consultant got clear margins and enough lymph nodes.

Have finally taken dressings off and going to see District Nurses in a bit just to check my wound. Looking through the mirror a couple of areas look manky, though most of it looked ok, nice and clean. Did anyone have issues with leaving your wounds open to the air, and was anyone worried about your bra rubbing on the wound?

Sorry am moaning as I have been so positive about everything so far. My mind is mirroring the weather today, miserable.

Hi lilibet, would just like to give you a gentle hug, i also had mammoplasty on 25th, i get my results on wednesday, it cant come quick enough, im also worring about clear margins and if its in my lymoh nodes, i had 3 removed, i am not triple negative.
So far my wound has been ok, mine has been expised the whole time i had internal stitches and glue over the top. My bras are very soft so i dont appear to get rubbing, saying that my nipple feels pretty numb still after it was repositioned.

I have started to notice a couple of red areas so i made an appointment to get it checked, they say its start of infection so i have been put on anti biotics. When i take bra of , im getting alot of white flakes, think this is yhe glue coming off, so im changing bra twice a day.

I agree about the weather, not even gonna bother venturing out .

Debbie x

Hi lilibet

I had a therapeutic mammoplasty a year ago with just internal stitches and skin glue. They told me to get as much air as possible to it. I did have some seepage from the wound, but they weren’t worried about it.


This is such an emotional time when you’ve just had surgery and are worrying about the results. So I’m sending you a hug, and wishing you all the best.



Thank you guys for the hugs. Went to see the district nurse yesterday. She said it looked good, there was just one bit that looked a bit sloughy but wasn’t too bad. Feel much better this morning and going to go with hubby when he takes the dogs for their walk. Just need some normality in my life at the mo. Thanks again and hugs to you both xx