postcode lottery? for results?

My poor mum had her lump removed in early November and had to wait 6 weeks for her results. She’s just had (yesterday) some more of her breast removed and will be waiting on another 6 weeks for the results from that op. Isn’t 6 weeks a bit too long? As my mums cancer is a grade 2 invasive so has spread since her first Op x

Hi Pippywhippy,


I am so sorry you and your mum are having this worry right now. I don’t know what area you live in, but there are guidelines in the UK for waiting times. To ease your mind a little, I was diagnosed 1st November 2012. Grade 3, with lymph node involvment. I had to wait  until December 12th for my surgery. Then I was in limbo until February 2013, when I started chemo. A grade 2 is a medium grade, and not as fast growing as a grade 3, and even a grade 3 wouldn’t have spread any more in 6 weeks. I’m assuming that she had a lumpectomy and they didn’t get a clear margin the first time. This is quite common, a second op would be to shave off more tissue. I believe they can do this once more if necessary. It will take a while for them to be sure they have a clear margin this time, to hopefully avoid more surgery. I have a friend that had 3 ops altogether. She was supposed to begin chemo in February 2013, but didn’t actually begin until late March early April.


I do hope this helps to put your minds at rest regarding the cancer spreading. I also hope your mum gets her results soon, now the Christmas and New Year holidays are over.


Best wishes

poemsgalore xx

Thank you Poemsgalore for replying. It does help hearing other peoples experiences. I guess when you first hear the word Cancer you want it gone asap and patience seems to go out the window. I hope your treatment is still going well love. Here’s to a more Happier new year for all xx