Postmenopausal bleeding/discharge?

Hello all.

Saw the GP today and she’s referring me to the Gynae. Don’t know if anyone has experience with this. I’m on Arimidex, not Tamoxifen, not caused by sex (not had any for nearly a year!) and she said I didn’t look “dry”, so it’s not Atrophy. She thought Vagina and Cervix looked okay. Took a swab re infection, but says she is referring me anyway.
What am I left with? It could be an infection, but there’s no itch or burning when urinating. Of course my imagination has leapt to the possible worst - Endocrine Cancer.
I just felt as though the drugs were starting to work and I was crawling out of the Depression but now I feel awful again.
Can anyone offer any similar experiences?


Hi Alloway

I had exactly the same problem, started Arimidex in the July and had a bleed which was just like a period in the January. I was terrified so went straight to the doctor who said it was most prob my last bleed ever as i had been on a no bleed HRT before diagnosis and when i came off in May had no bleed at all. Thought i must have gone through the menopause while on the HRT. In Feb i had another bleed and the doctor referred my to the Gynae. As there was a wait on the NHS i went private. I had a laparotomy to check how things were and he said i had a cyst on my right ovary, which could be the cause of the bleeding. My other ovary they could not find on ultrasound so said it must have shrivelled up and died!

The Gynae thought it best to remove the ovary to be on the safe side and i went in March to have this done. I was due to have a hysterectomy but because of adhesion’s due to my caesareans they could not do this as my uterus was attached to my bowel and bladder.

I must admit i recovered quite well despite getting a wound infection (I always do though) and by April was on holiday for a week to Spain with hubby. I have not had any bleeding since.

So please don’t worry yourself, know it is easy to say but there are a hundred things it could be, my Gynae hinted at cervical cancer but it was not that thank god, just the cyst. I think it could well be an infection as that caused bleeding, many years ago i had bleeding with a urinary infection.

Please keep me posted and you have done the right thing by being referred, I am sure you will be 100% ok and it could be just like me a boring old cyst.

All the very best

Thanks for that Suzanne.
I had my ovaries out in Jan '08, so it won’t be an ovarian cyst. I’m hoping (??) for an infection, but do feel uncomfortable right up inside my vagina, at the cervix, and have had Colposcopy treatment years ago for abnormal changes.
As I’m signed off with Depression anyway you can imagine how this thing has piled it on and my imagination is going full throttle. I do have a little fibroid, which has never caused problems to date, and someone posted on the other site to say that her Gynae had said hers was likely dying through lack of oestrogen and body was trying to expel it! So that is another benign possibility.
I’ve been referred up to a Post-Menopausal Bleeding Clinic which more or less works as a One-Step clinic, so that’ll be great to have everything done at once and not have to wait for separate appointments.
Next step is Monday when the GP thought swab results should be back. What a life!

Hi Alloway

Today is the day you get the swabs back so please let me know the results. The more i think about it the more i am sure it will be an infection, women are so prone to them. Fibroids also do bleed. I do hope you are not worrying too much, i am on Prozac which has been a lifesaver for me, given me my life back, before i was prescribed it i was crying all over the place and felt really ill without any physical symptoms. Think the mastectomy, rejection of implant followed by septicemia was just one step too far for me to cope with! I am glad you are going to get it all sorted at once, the waiting is hell!

Come back on here and let me know how you get on and in the meantime i have everything crossed for you.

Best Wishes

Oh and by the way i can’t have sex either! My vagina has shrunk, can’t even have a cervical smear without being put under! Thank God my husband is on blood pressure tablets and can’t rise to the occasion! LOL Suzzanne

Just phoned and it’s not back yet. I did think the GP was a bit optimistic as it usually takes at least a week to get any results back from them. Oh well, I suppose I should go out and do some Christmas shopping as a distraction. Or not…

Hi Alloway

It has been a week now and not heard from you, is everything ok, please come back here when you get any news.

Best wishes

Hi Suzzanne,

Went to GP on Friday for chat and more anti-depressants. Result was in: no infection and I’m quite down as I’d hoped that was the nice easy explanation.
Today I go to the Gynae at 3pm, so will post after that.
Thank you for your concern It’s very sweet and makes me feel better.


Hi Alloway

Have been rushed off my feet so have not managed to get back to you before now but have been thinking about you. It has been 3 days just hope and pray you are ok. I know you must be so worried, i was terrible, sometimes it is just all too much to cope with, that is when the anti depressants are such a lifeline, like i said before they have given me my life back, my best friend hates me being on them but that is due to a lack of understanding, anything that helps us get a better quality of life is a must.

I have been so much better since they got my nasty ovary out, the other one had melted down or whatever happens to them! Just wish i could have had the full hysterectomy but never mind i don’t want any more surgery for a while.

Still think it could be an ovarian cyst with you, they said i had one and tested it to see if it was cancer but once it was out i said i did not want to know, it was gone and as far as i was concerned that was that. My daughter in law read up a lot about ovarian cysts and they do bleed like a period which is what i had. It is so scarey though when you bleed after a long time without but usually it is something very simple, we just worry that our bodies are letting us down again after what we have been through. My sister in law had an ovarian cyst removed and was not in the least bit worried about it, never thought for one minute it could be anything nasty. That is how we are though.

Anyway please come back on and let me know, whatever it is you are not alone.

Best wishes

Hi Suzy,

Went to the Gynae on Tuesday (a very nice man) and he did a biopsy of the uterus lining. He started by asking me questions about the bleeding, then how many children I had, their delivery method and weight, as sometimes they can’t get a good scrape without putting you out if things are" too small" down there.
Well, he managed fine with me so I can only conclude that I must be as big as the Channel Tunnel!!!
He said he would write to me with the result, probably at the beginning of next week but that he would be “very surprised” if it were anything nasty as everything looked all right. I know he expected me to be relieved and happy at that, but I can’t be. All I could think about was the night I was diagnosed with BC and after the 20 minute wait for the Pathologist to look at the live cells, this git telling me that everything was fine and that the proper Path result in 2 weeks would be a “mere formality”.
So I’ll wait for the Path result. Luckily I’ve got a full weekend. Today I’m decorating the trees and the house for Christmas and both girls are coming home tonight. Tomorrow, as a family, we’re off to my friend’s house for a Lunch party and there will be about 40-50 altogether, some of whom are her extended family that I haven’t seen for a while and of whom I’m very fond. A jolly day.
Will be back on when I have the result and thanks again for replying. It really helps to know that there are people out there that totally understand our fears.

Yes Alloway

Keep busy and get through the next few days. I am just like you, when i went for my mammo in May the radiographer told me i was absolutely fine on my remaining breast, then in October i went for my 6 month check up at the breast unit and the elderly breast nurse told me there was benign calcificaion on my remaining breast! How on earth did they know it was benign from a mammo, thats what i had 5 years ago and was told it was nothing!! 4 years after that i had lobular and ductual breast cancer in the same breast calcification had ‘turned’ into breast cancer! Not reassuring at all, i never believe a word they say now. Earlier this week i had stomach probs and convinced myself this must be bowel cancer! Are we ever going to trust our bodies again.

Let me know as soon as poss how you get on, i will be thinking of you


Just phoned the Gynae secretary and although she isn’t allowed to tell me the full result she said “Don’t worry” Much relief!

Hi Alloway

I would take it that it means nothing nasty! so you can relax now as if there had been something dodgey you would have been told to come in. Trouble is before we got BC we could explain away logically any problems but now everything is something sinister. Let me know when you get the full results would be interested to hear what the diagnosis is, though prob an infection of some sort.

Love Suzy

Joining this thread as I have similar problems. I am post menopausal due to my age , I am 61. About 6 weeks ago I had a show and ever since then have had discharge and slight bleed. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound and hysteroscopy which I had this morning. I was so so scared but the result is I have 2 benign polyps which the consultants assures me is the cause of the problem. I was so relieved. I am having them removed as they are quite large, on Monday. I will be given a general and am just booked in for the day. Boy, don’t we go through it always expecting the worst. I could have kissed him when he said it was polyps. The lady who did the ultrasound told me that 90% of these symptoms turn out to be polyps or somthing of that nature, but when you have this bloody disease you think yeah but I am probably one of the 10%. I am on Tamoxifen and the consultant said that thickening of the womb lining ( which I also have) and polyps are quite common in women on these drugs.

So take heart all ye who come here.

Normski x