Postpartum/Awaiting Biopsy Results

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I have a 3 year old and a 7 week old, it’s been an unreal fourth trimester, trying to deal with lack of sleep, a super active toddler, figuring out our routine… found a lump about 4 weeks ago, GP was trying to be dismissive due to being postpartum but did eventually check and referred me to the breast clinic straight away. The breast clinic have been incredible, everyone has been so friendly. They did say the growth looks suspicious and my lymph nodes are swollen, I could tell from their faces it’s most likely going to be “bad” news, although I know that this could change, I’m trying to prepare mentally for worst case scenario. My results should hopefully be in on weds, but if not it’ll be another week’s wait. My anxiety is awful, it’s the first time in my life I’ve experienced not being able to eat because of the nerves. I’m starting to accept that this could be a breast cancer diagnosis, but just desperate to know what stage and how long treatment will be etc, I don’t want to wish away the time with my newborn but just want to feel like normal again. Anyone else in a similar position or know of anyone going through this?? 


try not to let this torment you until Wednesday think positive it might only be a lump and  a swollen lymph node from a infection. Take everyday has it comes enjoy the children , don’t make yourself ill by not eating you need your strength.
Hopefully on Wednesday it will be good news if not well take everyday a step at a time.There’s plenty of good advise on this site and we are all here to help you.

Chin up put this to the  back of your mind until Wednesday.

thinking of you take care x

Thank you for the kind words @janeymay60 ! It’s hard when the house is quiet and the newborn’s asleep, my thoughts get a little carried away…!


Just to say that many of us including me have suffered with anxiety and got lost in those thoughts whilst waiting for results . All I can say is try to keep yourself occupied and do things you love doing ,make the most of the time with your little ones when they’re awake . That can help during the times you are having a wobble. Try to do some exercise - nothing complicated some gentle Yoga at home , a gentle walk this will help your mood and may improve your sleep and and appetite ( I’m not quite sure what you are / aren’t allowed to do at your stage of post- partum). I listened to Headspace as well. When your thoughts threaten to run away try to bring them back to the present and live one day at a time. 

Talk to a good friend if you can and ring the helpline if you want to discuss things in depth and have questions . 

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 

Joanne x

Thank you for your reply @JoanneN, I really appreciate it and I’m going to try focus on 1 day at a time exactly as you’ve said. 

I haven’t been officially signed off by the GP yet but I will go for that walk tomorrow. 

im very sorry to hear this, im in the same boat awaiting my results im 29.

i definitely understand the anxiety you are enduring i havent ate much either. What was your BIRADS Score and report for your ultrasound? Did it have a well defined shape? 

Try to have some faith i know its so hard to but you can get through this. My friend was told hers was likely cancer And her biopsy came back clear, im praying for you. Let me know your results and ill let you know mine also!! I should know by wednesday, sending love 

Hi @MoonlightRose - it’s nice to hear from you though unfortunate through these circumstances! The anxiety is awful isn’t it?! 

They didn’t really discuss my mammograms/ultrasound with me, but maybe because I didn’t ask/didn’t want to know? Did they go through yours? They have booked in a CT scan for next week too, I think so that they can react quickly in case my results do show cancer, but it does also make me think that they know already and I wish they’d just tell me. 

Your friend’s experience does give me hope though!! Thank you for sharing that, let’s hope our Wednesday brings us the same luck.