Poultry Breasts and Oestrogen?

It occurred to me, do poultry breasts contain oestrogen? I have tried to find out on the internet but have drawn a blank, possibly because they do not. However, if they do, being ER+, I and others should avoid them. Does anyone know?

Ann x

I’d stick to organic chicken breasts !

Personally, I don’t worry too much about food. I think you have to ingest huge amounts of additives and things for them to have an effect on you and I probably only eat chicken about once a week if that. I also only eat red meat about 1-2 times a month. Nothing to so with BSE scares, in the mid 80s the research was it was bad for cholesterol, so we cut right back. We eat quite a lot of fish (some freshly caught as we are on the coast), plus 2 or 3 vegetarian meals during the course of a week. I don’t really have much dairy, never have, as I cannot stand things like cheese or eggs. When I go out anywhere, my weakness is a nice fillet steak and as there’s only 2 of us we might have either that or roast sirloin on Christmas day.

I’m lucky enough to have the time to do most things from fresh and I make a lot of meals for the freezer, plus I make fresh soups a lot. OH grows veg and we freeze what we can’t use, also things like stewed rhubarb at the end of the season. I also had a go at making jam recently and picked the blackberries I used from some bushes near the seafront where I go walking. I got 6 1lb jars and I made 4lb from some plums that were on special offer at 50p a punnet.

I doubt there is a particular problem with poultry breasts. Only mammals have breasts as in “mammary glands”, and poultry are birds, not mammals. The part of the bird we call the breast, and eat, is actually the chest muscle.

Also, most of the oestrogen in the human body is produced in the ovaries rather than the breasts, so I guess that would be the same in other animals.

So, on the whole I would carry on eating it. It’s probably far less harmful than red meat, like beef for example.

Yes, jansman, good point, but I suppose it is a case of what they have pumped into them.

Ann x