Practical Glamour For Gym


So, today I have been ‘gently’ encouraged to kick my own butt into gear and get more active. Easier said than done after 6 months of hell, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Worried the falsey will mis- behave and in any case would feel happier ‘covered up’ and minus my little pal.  So Jog Bottoms & Sweatshirt!  But I’m out of touch- where is good to go for this sort of gear these days? Any tips much appreciated. Fancy something relatively trendy / glam,  as think will give me a bit of confidence. Don’t mind the money if it does the trick. 

Have a look at Bamboo Clothing. My goddaughter loved what I got for her. You get the style (not too Hollywood), the sustainable sourcing and the benefits of bamboo - I love the socks they threw in for free (yes, I was mean enough to keep them). For cheap, Mango used to be good. Personally, I’m a baggy tee-shirt and cropped leggings person (or I was). Enjoy yourself in the gym xx

Good for you, enjoy all those endorphins! I swear by Sweaty Betty stuff; its quite expensive but lots of fab designs and stands up to workouts, stretches etc. I love some of it so much I wear it for going out and about when no workouts are on the horizon.