Pre chemo check

can anyone give me advice , really nervous  .what is involved.



If you mean the visit to the chemo day unit, this is what happened at mine.


All the new intake went into a side room where a chemo nurse gave us a little talk full of advice on what to expect during your treatment. Then each one of us (individually) went to another room for a blood test and were given a folder with various bits and pieces. I got my wig voucher and a parking permit so that you don’t have to pay for parking. The blood test  is just to get your base results and you will have one a couple of days before every treatment, to make sure your bloods have recovered after your previous treatment.  You will also have an individual chat with the chemo nurse, where you can get any worries and questions sorted out, so make a list, although most of them will probably answered during the group talk. You will probably also see patients who are already into their second or subsequent cycles  so will get an idea of the layout and the way the ward functions.


I know it is difficult, but please don’t worry, there is really no need.


Hugs and  love


poemsgalore xx

Hi trish

Have you seen the ‘Talking to your children about breast cancer’ information on the site, it may help you when you are explaining things to your daughter, you can order or read a copy here:

Take care