Pre diagnosis signs and symptoms involving bloody nipple discharge??

Hi everyone,

im new to the forum so a bit unsure where to start…i guess im wondering about everyones pre diagnosis days…im 35 and currently awaiting the surgery total duct excision to find out what the cause of my bloody nipple discharge, lump under nipple and aching under armpit (no lump). ive had a previous phylloides tumour which was removed 2 and a 1/2 yrs ago but other than that no history of breast problems…although i have had half my thyroid (which had a tumour attached) removed and a total hysterectomy (both tumours were benign), has anyone else out there had similar symtoms or problems…



Hi I am also new to this forum. Last Monday I had a duct excision and a lumpectomy. My symptoms started about 2 1/2 months ago with a sore breast, yellowish/greenish discharge that had blood specks in it. When I felt around the nipple area I noticed some small lumps and then a very tender area away from my nipple. I had a mammogram and ultra sound, then met with the breast clinic and scheduled for the procedure. The surgeon was positive that these findings are benign and I am awaiting my pathology report. 

The things that bothered me the most prior to the surgery was the tenderness almost painful area. I was constantly aware of this area. I am hoping once I heal from the surgery that I do not have the discomfort there anymore. I am trying my best to stay positive that my results will be of no concern but some days it is hard not to think of the what if’s.