Pre DIEP nerves

Hi I’m having a DIEP flap reconstruction in 2 weeks and the nerves are setting in. I wonder if any of you lovely ladies could share their stories so I can get some idea of what I’m in for…

Thank you!


hiya hope you get some replys i am waiting for app with plastic surgeon i am getting reco at same time as mx been told will have to wait till middle of oct for ps app and then it will be 2-3 weeks after that i find the waiting very hard it like a rollercoaster up and down all the time gl with your reco x

Hi Mumoftwo,
I had my Mx and anc one year ago. Had a little recurrence so its being removed they are closing with a DIEP. Can’t wait to have my body back!

hiya i bet you cant lol how was the op what can i expect im scared lol, Im all over the place at the moment range from anger acceptence denial (mixed my results with some1 elses)i think 1s things start happening i will accept it better im a bit disapointed i had it in my head dont no why but i thought i would here bout my app today oh well maby tomorrow gl with your op let me know how you get on x

annie if you dont mind me asking what age are you im 43 my sons are 12 and 8 xx


I am waiting for my appt of tram flap surgery, should be Nov/Dec. I know how you feel, sometimes I cant wait other times I wonder what I am doing. Let us know how you get on.

Carolyn x

hi there,
hope you are both ok. I had DIEP reconstruction 2 weeks ago, so everything is currently fresh so will be able to tell you the good the bad and the ugly!



Mumoftwo, I’ve got 2 little boys 7 & 2. My diep’s planned for 13th Oct so I’ll be 11 weeks post op at Christmas – I’m busy trying to get all the Christmas shopping done before then. I’m doing quite well actually, I think its helping to keep my mind off things. The kids are my biggest concern actually. My 2 year old still climbs all over me and he’s all arms and elbows. He still needs picking up quite a bit, bathing etc and he likes to run off. Luckily his big brother is a really big help. As is Dad of course!
Carolyn, have you got your date yet?
Louise, are you happy with your results? What’s your mobility like now?

Annie xxxxx

hiya annie

got a call from hosp go see ps on 7th oct and get op 13 oct what hosp you going to. dont know what kind of recon im getting yet am scared lol x

Hi, I had a left mastectomy almost 2 years ago and have recovered well. To begin with I was so glad that I had my op in time and the cancer had not spread and the last thing on my mind was to have any further surgery but as time went on I began thinking more and more about regaining a soft cleavage and feeling feminine once more - I am not sure but it was probably just a matter of time before I would feel this way as I recovered.

I am going to see my PS on monday to find out when my DIEP op will be. I am a little nervous but I am feeling positive about the end result and I am finding a great deal of help and advice by reading these forum pages,it is a great form of support from those who have experienced the same.

Hi Annie

No havent got my date yet. I anxiously look every morning when the postie delivers my mail. I will let you know when word arrives.

Take care

Carolyn x

my op for the 13th has been cancelled so back to waiting on phone calls again feel like im getting messed about somthing awful i know theses thing happen but why to me again

Oh my gosh! Mine was listed for the 13th and was cancelled too! Spooky. Hopefully going in on tues 19th to have the op wed 20th. It’s really stressing me out now, I’m getting a rash on my trunk that my bcn thinks may just be anxiety. I just really need to get on with it now and get it out of the way.

Annie xxx

im still waiting for a new date so i know how your feeling just want to get it over with what hosp are you going too x gl with op let me know how ou get on i will probably still be waiting on a date x

ive just been given my new date its the 29th hope your op went well xx

Hi, I just got home yesterday which means that you should hopefully be having yours tomorrow!!! Oh my gosh! Good luck. I hope everything went well.

It was much worse than I anticipated. I think running up to the op, I just put it to the back of my mind but at the moment I feel very sore, very stiff and very emotional. I’m 8 days post op today and very nervous still about my recovery, my wound healing and how I’m going to cope with my children who are at my mums until tomorrow. The cosmetic results of my surgery seem months away as I’m waiting for the swelling to go down and to be able to stand up straight! I’m struggling with the stairs in my house and, in all honesty, finding it hard to focus on the fact that I will get well.

I’m hoping that in a few weeks I’ll look back on this post and feel very differently.

Let me know how you’re getting on.

Hi Annie,

You sound just like I did, I came home on day 9 and found all the things you mention difficult. I then made quite significant progress once back at home - a bit different as I had older children, but take heart I was back at work at 10 weeks in total. Upright and off all the medication.
I found out today from a friend that she gets very emotional after having used PCA, again this was how I felt so all very normal. It is a big op and will take a bit of time to get over, so, the usual advice -take 1 day at a time and be kind to yourself. You will feel better soon - at least that is what the crystal ball says!!!

Hope that you continue to make progress daily,
Take care,
Maggie (Marjay) xxxx

hiya got home today 8 days after op im doing ok and although my breast is swollen and a bit hard and sore im doing ok. my tummy scar is a bit tight and uncomfortable but its not as bad as i thought it would be. just need to give myself time to heal, the hosp staff were brill the care i got was amazing and oh has been brill will keep you posted on how im getting on hope your healing well xx

Hi, got my histology results that were really good so feel like I can just get on with healing now. My tummy wound is gapping quite a bit and my abdoment is still very very sore. Underneath my breast is struggling to heal as well. My surgeon said that these will take another 2-3 weeks to heal and that is perfectly normal. How are all your experiences?

Annie xxxxx

hiya my tummy is healing well but i have some fluid from my breast getting a nurse out everyday to change my dressings and to see surg on tue to keep an eye on it,i have also been given antibiotics Im sore uncomfertable n angry today had a bit of a cry too dont no if its all catching up with me now x