Pre existing heart problems and breast cancer

Hi I have been diagnosed with stage 3 advanced invasive carcinoma ER &PR + in May this year,  I am currently on Exemestane hormone therapy…The cancer I have has spread to the skin of the breast…The consultant and my nurse isn’t telling me much other than mastectomy is my only option with lymph node removal… I’m not allowed chemo or anything else…At the moment all the risks, complications in the aftermath of the surgery (because of the heart disease) is making me not want to go through with it,  I don’t feel my heart or myself is strong enough to withstand it all…Is there anyone else in here that has been through a mastectomy with pre existing heart problems?  I’m scared and alone in this journey as we all are … but I just wanted to hear if anyone has had a good outcome please

I haven’t been through a mastectomy with heart issues but I’ve been through a double mastectomy. Honestly it wasn’t that hard of a surgery for me. I was in the hospital one night, pain was well controlled, drains weren’t that hard to handle and recovery was straight forward. If your team thinks you can handle it, then I would trust them. If that’s your only option for treatment I would think you’d want to take it. I mean no one can tell you what to do, it’s entirely up to you, but I can say that the surgery wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared.